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Drugstore Pick: BLUSH

I live by verrrrry minimal makeup-rules. Rules often get you stuck in a spot that makes it hard to try new things and products which is right where I DON'T want to be.

But. This is one that I FULLY subscribe to: YOU NEED BLUSH.


No really. You NEED blush. Even if you aren't going for a pink-cheek, blush will lift your cheekbones making you look THINNER, add structure to your face even if you have little to no makeup on, and make you look ALIVE. For someone who is adament about staying a minimalist, blush adds 10 seconds to your routine and will do you a TON of favors.

I tried out three drugstore blushes this time around. I LIKED two and I HATED the last. Starting from the bottom...

loreal blush.jpg

3. Loreal Lift Blush: Retails for $11.

Hated it, hated it, hated it. I love the concept:L A lightweight silky textured blush that helps to give a youthful glow. Right off the bat, I could not get ANY product on my brush, which was maddening. After trying multiple times, I finally put my fingers on it and realized that it feels like more of a cold-solid than a silky powder blush. Even using my fingers, I still could barely get any color to transfer. Verdict: Gross. Don't ever buy it!

nyx blush.jpg

2. NYX Powder Blush: Retails for $5.

I really liked this! It's smooth, pretty pigmented and easy to apply. There was NO digging for product, NO trying to coax the product out of the container, no problems on the skin. An added bonus is picking this up from an actual Drugstore when they're offering a brand promo. Like a buy one, get one half off. The price is normally $5 but I only paid $2.50 for it on promo! Verdict: Really liked it and would buy it again!

3. Elf Studio Blush: Retails for $3.

elf studio blush.jpg

I love these. Maybe the most shocking discovery of exploring Drugstore Blushes is the Elf Studio blush. I had read a million years ago when I worked at NARS, that Elf had the dupe version of the high-pigmented NARS blush that retails for $32. I alllllways doubted it, and never planned on trying it out. Years later, I'm shocked to say that I really like it. While it is not identical to the high-priced Dept. store version, it packs a ton of pigment, is super soft and the color lasts throughout the day. You could buy EIGHT Elf blushses for what it could cost you for ONE at Nars. And I lovvvvve NARS. But for anyone balling on a budget, this one takes the cake! Verdict: Buy all five shades for yourself, worth every penny!

Blush changes your face. Even if it's a subtle shade. Now with two solid blush options for under $5, you have no reason to skip it!!

Try it, love it, tag me!


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