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Brown is the New Black

Makeup With Me’s Guide to All-brown-everything this season

Remember that old-school cardinal rule that your mom/older sister/babysitter used to tell you like a million years ago? “Brown and black don’t go together. It’s either one, or the other.” I remember thinking brown was SO gross when I was younger. If I ever had the option of choosing shoes in either color…black won in a landslide victory.

kylie jenner insta.jpg

But times…they are a’changin. In real-life…(hello all-black-everything with brown booties) AND in makeup-life. Thanks to America’s chicest little sister Kylie Jenner, brown blushes, lipsticks and liner sales are SOARING. And so are my 90’s-makeup-dreams. Beiges, browns, taupes and chocolate tones are evvvvvverything. Anything from subtle caramely shades, to rich and dark truffle colors will give you that 90’s Fly-girl look. Pair it with your flannel and…OMG! You’re Kylie.

So what you do you need to pull it off? Less than you actually might think. In my opinion, you want to pick TWO features to play-up when it comes to brown tones. Don’t go crazy and put it everywhere… you’ll look like an amateur. What I would do? Focus on cheeks and lips. A subtle wash of soft brown thru the crease of your eyes and black mascara will look soft yet finished once you add on the rest of the goods. The cool thing about brown is that you’ve got a TON of options in regards to shades. Dark-reddish brown blushes are ALL over my makeup bag (and client’s faces) right now. A red-brown blush will warm up your complexion a ton. So far, I haven’t found ONE person who can’t find a red-brown that works for them! And I can’t stop pairing these blushes with both soft brown lips AND dark chocolate colors too. If you want attention, wear a true-brown lipstick and minimal eye-makeup. It’s gorg and high-impact without a ton of work!

brown lips.jpg

I compiled a list of my absolute favorite brownish babies that I can’t get enough of. You’ll see both my Dept. Store goodies as well as some Drugstore favorites. Obviously, you’ve got a MILLION options when it comes to colors and shades so as always, try a few before you buy a few!


Dolce and Gabbana – Mocha (Seriously my FAVE.)

MAC – Sweet as Cocoa

NARS - Lovejoy

NYX - Taupe

brown blush mac.jpg


MAC – Talba

MAC – Velvet Teddy

NARS – Deborah

Revlon - Colorburst Lip Butter Fig Jam


MAC Pro-Longwear – Etcetera

D+G - #9 Cinnamon

Loreal Paris – Toffee to Be

brown liner dolce and gabbana.jpg

Brown is the new black. (At least for now.) Get on-board with a couple of brown tones and you’ll be one hundred percent Fall-ready!

Try it, love it, tag me @makeupwithme_!!


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