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WEDDINGS // Brides // Bridesmaids. What you HAVE to know about the Makeup

Wedding Shoes: $100+

Spanx: $60+

Gourmet Cupcake Frosting: $100+

Cake Topper: $50

Everything else in a wedding: $100+

Bride and Bridesmaids Makeup: "I don't want to spend $$ on that."


Let me get this straight. Your shoes will be in 3 wedding photos. Your cake-topper will be in 1. Your cupcake frosting will go straight to your Uncle Hank's gullet. But yours and your bridesmaids' faces will be in.....roughly one hundred different photos. Hmmm. That's logical.

Oh wait. It isn't. At all.

Can I be real with you for a minute?? I will never understand this approach to makeup for a wedding. Ever. I FULLY believe in investing in a photographer that you LOVE for your wedding day. Whether it's the most expensive part of your day, or the least: if you're dealing with a PROFESSIONAL photographer and not your random Aunt who got a Nikon for Christmas...then you NEED a professional makeup application for everyone being photographed. Period.

Let's break it down. The joy of Pro-Wedding Photogs is how talented they are at capturing the best and most special moments of your big day. They are high-resolution images of every smile, every tear and every lovey-dovey moment all-day long. Hear me out here: if great makeup makes you look ALIVE, alert, full of life and extra-glammed up... isn't skipping it sort of like asking for high-res photos of washed-out smiles, tired eyes and every-day makeup that is nothing special?

Hint: Yes. The answer is yes.

I regularly tell the story of someone I knew years ago who asked me to assist her and her bridesmaids with makeup on her wedding day. She was SO set on her and her girls looking super natural, (which isn't a bad thing!!) that she wouldn't allow me to apply a little more product that she normally wore. She set-out on her wedding day looking like she did every single day despite all of my recommendations and arguments. While she looked pretty in person, when she received her photos back weeks later, she was devastated. She looked like she had just woken up from a 4 hour nap, slid into her wedding dress and went out the meet the groom for a first-look. And her bridesmaids looked NO different. Take away the big-white-dress and it looked like a strangely normal day.

Again, the natural look is GORG and something that so many brides want these days! Shoot, it's all over my website and I LOVE the look. But without someone who knows what they're doing when it comes to face shapes, color theory, contouring and artistry techniques, the "natural-look" can look a little too much like the "nothing-look." NO thanks.

Bottom line:

Makeup Artists know what they're doing. Our job is to make YOUR face photograph like pure perfection. We know how to make your face look thinner. We know how to make your mom look younger. We know how to make your bridesmaids look light and fresh. And most importantly, we know how to make YOU stand-out and shine on the biggest day of your life. When you skip out on having yours or your bridesmaids makeup done, (whether you pay or ask them to cover it themselves!) it's cheating YOU out of amazing photos. Trust.

Let's be real Uncle Hank doesn't need a bigger gullet. Skip $100 on the cupcake frosting and spend your $$ on a professional Makeup Artist. Your photos will go from "Made for Grandma's Fridge" to Magazine-Ready. IT'S WORTH IT!


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