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ERMAHGERD. Drugstore Month 2K17 is coming....

Hi hi hi!!! I have missed you, this blog, and all things MUWM for the last couple of months. The truth behind the distance is real, and it's annoying. LIIIIIFE! Being busy and having a dinosaur for a computer made things pretty hard to regularly post anything other than an Instagram here and there. Barf. I hate it. Even though every one you and I both know has a blog these days, blogging is STILL my favorite part of my business. I LOVE to write. I LOVE to talk about products, both good and bad, and I LOVE finding community with you through this bizarre cosmetic world.

Buttttttt guess what? I 1. got a new MacBook. (Jesus lives!!) And 2. it's the first day of February. (Gross, how is it 2017?!) If you've followed MUWM for a bit, you're probably thinking.... "WTH are the Drugstore Month posts?"

Welp, here they are. And they come bearing a dash of semi-but-not-too-bad-annoying news. But 90% GREAT news too.


Before you freak-out..don't!! It's only moving by 28 days because February is theeeee shortest month ev. Seriously. March is OFFICIALLY Drugstore Month in 2K17.

Wanna know why?? Lemme tell you:

1. Tis' the season...

I've regretted making Feb. Drugstore month since the first year. For all of you non-PNW people, your Spring really starts Feb-ish. But for us?? Not really. March and April is when we see glimmers of Spring around here and with the sun showing back up for us, comes the time to start playing with fresh and new color. Sure. I could totally pretend it's Spring here to appease everyone else but......I don't want to!! I want to celebrate new Spring Colors with everyone else when its ACTUALLY Spring for us.

2. It's changing a little...

Don't fret, all the best parts are staying the same, The timelines, the groupings of product, the amount of product detail etc......ALL the same. Only things that are changing will be the way that the content gets into your hands. If I had a dollar for every time somebody messaged me or text me and said, "I'm at Walgreens but navigating your blog on my phone can be super hard and time-consuming while I stand in the aisle!!" First of all, ew. I don't like that, I don't want that, and I ABSOLUTELY would not stand in the aisle at Target and spend 20 minutes combing through blog posts. SO, for that reason, I'm changing it up to make it more USER FRIENDLY, easier to access, and truthfully, more exclusive to the people who want it!! I'll lay things out a little clearer in Feb so everyone can be READY TO GO for March 1st!!

So....buckle up, save some of your monies and get ready to toss the Fall and Winter makeup for some fresh, new Spring product. I swear, we will like, sneeze three times and it'll be March.

Can't wait. Love you major,


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