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EXTRAS: We need 'em.


While we still have a few SERIOUS heavy-hitters left of Drugstore-month...(foundation, contour kits and lips anyone?!) the in-between products are important too! The following categories are all products that I didn't buy a TON of options for this time around as I've tried SOOOOO many in the years previous, but I found amazing results with this batch. LIke seriously. We're gonna touch on the extras today by talking about a daily under-eye treatment, Eyeshadow primer and BRUSHES. We will get RIIIIIGHT to it.

1. OLAY Fresh Effects Bright On Schedule Eye Awakening Cream

Under eyes matter because we all don't sleep enough, we all don't drink enough water and well......age. Ew. We can't stop the clock but our eyes will continue to age. So, addressing our eye area with a little TLC before makeup every morning will not only wake our eyes up and make us ready for another day but it'll help us delay the aging process because we won't ever stop touching our eye area, whether it be our hands, makeup or etc. This product found ME.

The stats/claims: De-puffs, hydrates, brightens and reduces under-eye circles with a tri-roller ball applicator.

The verdict: It does it....ALL. I absolutely love applying anything to my under-eye that WAKES up my sleepy, tired and puffy eyes before makeup. But some products don't do what they say they're going to. This Olay one does! I love that it hyrates my whole eye, both top and bottom, but the cream dries quickly, making it easy to apply makeup after a few minutes. The tri-roller ball is super cooling, which is an added bonus in de-puffing and waking up the eye area. I'm super into it. This product is easy for everyone to use, on top of being an extra boost of skincare and anti-aging before makeup. Buy it. And buy one for your Mama too!! Retails $7-10.

2. Loreal Magic De-crease Eyelid Primer

If you're applying eyeshadow, you need a shadow-base. There's just no way around it. Unless you want it to crease-up, look like a mess or don't care about it staying in place at all! It doesn't matter if you're oily skinned, dry-skinned, or lizard skinned. An eyeshadow base or primer will keep the product right where it's supposed to stay, all day. It matters....don't skip it.

The stats/claims: prevents eyelid creasing; extends eye shadow wear up to 8 hours. Can be used with powder, cream or glossy shadows. Available in one universal shade (which suits all skin tones). The wand applicator makes it very user-friendly and is easily blended with your finger or a brush.

The verdict: It actually does what it's supposed to!! FOUR different types of eyeshadow stayed perfectly, right on top of this primer. I used multiple pressed powder shadows, loose powder shadows, liquid eyeshadow (weird right?) and cream shadows. None of them creased, none of them moved, and none of them changed color throughout the day. Buy it, loved it, I'd buy it doubt. Retails for $8-9.

Sonia Kashuk Makeup Brushes

Don't get it twisted. Good brushes matter. I'm SO over these Instagram "makeup artists" using $3 brushes from Insta-famous pages who tell others that they're the "best brushes ever." They're not. Spend more $$ and get quality brushes that will last you a long time! And buy them from a reputable brand...not some promoted Instagram page.

Sonia Kashuk brushes are SO bomb. I reviewed multiple brush styles during the last two years of Drugstore month and all across the board, the SK ones always slay. They are THEE closest brushes to Department store brushes that I've ever used in TEN years of makeup. I love that Target has staple SK brushes that you can buy one-at-a-time but they also ALWAYS have limited edition sets that come with different styles and brushes. AND they're very affordable when it comes to a quality brush! Seriously. Don't buy internet good brushes.

Cost differs based on indivdual brushes vs. sets.

Hope this EXTRA post helps you make some decisions on what to buy and what to SKIP!!

Try it, love it, tag me and SHARE this post!!


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