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Blush: YOU NEED IT. Start using it...stat.

Drugstore Pick: BLUSHES

It makes you look alive....makes you look less tired....makes you look younger....and makes you look....BETTER. I'll never understand how some women can so casually skip blush. I get the "no-makeup look" is in, but a little bit of subtle blush will pay off all day long, and trick others into thinking that you spent A LOT of time getting ready in the morning, AND keep you looking fresher all day long. Real talk. Blush matters and if you aren't wearing gotta start.

Until my dying breath, I'll be begging my clients to wear blush and find a shade that they feel great about. If it's subtle...awesome. If it's loud....perfect. Regardless of what your preference is, I am adamently convinced that everyone needs it regardless of age or skin-tone.

Blush is one of the few products that can totally disappear as time goes on throughout the day. Have you ever put makeup on at like, 7am and then looked in the mirror on your lunch-break and thought...."WHERE DID IT GO??!?" This is not only hella annoying, but hella normal. Don't fret. The right matte blush will keep your cheeks looking fresh, and basically keep you looking alive and well ALL day. (Shimmery blushes are cool too.....but if you're super oily and fight shine all day long, sheeny or shimmery blushes will only worsen your shine. Matte is key for the oily-peeps out there!!) And to be honest, matte is good for ALL skin types. Even as a dry-skinned girl, a great matte blush won't disappear throughout the day on my lizard-skin.

I picked up three blushes with three different finsihes to review. And unlike the years previous...I liked all three but for totally different reasons!! Let's get right down to it:

1. Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blush in Pink Rose

The stats/claims: Light diffusing blush and bronzer formulas have an expert balance of shade and shimmer illuminator for natural glow. Skin goes soft lit with zero glitz. (pulled from

The verdict: Glowy, sheeny and subtle highlighting blush that pumps up your cheekbones and illuminates any feature that you apply it to!!! I LOVE the Pink Rose shade, (pictured here,) and was surprised at how MUCH pigment I actually got out of it. Sometimes sheeny or shimmery blushes end up putting out way more SHINE than color. This Maybelline blush is the exception. TONS of color and pigment which wear well throughout the day. I love that it gives my skin a glowy look, but with a lot of rosey-pigment. If you want that sheeny, glowy look, pick this blush up. Retails for $7-9.

2. Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Bush

Matte matte matte.

One word that speaks to a special place in my makeup-heart. Matte will be my first love forever. While I LOVE the glowy, sexy look of illuminated skin, matte skin woos me always and forever. This matte Sonia Kashuk blush is BOMB.

The stats/claims: This powder blush will give you a natural, luminous flush and a radiant appearance. Supreme wear and advanced comfort; this powder leaves a perfectly even and ultra-smooth finish.

The verdict: LOVE. This is definitely the closest dupe to NARS blush that I've evvvvvvver seen. Truly. I love how rich the colors are and how matte the shades are. Regarless of color, a little bit of this should keep your face looking flushed and colorful all day without wearing-off and making you look sleepy. GET IT. For real. Retails for $9 at Target, aka Heaven on earth.

3. NYX Baked Blush

Baked blush had a bad rap with me for awhile. Often, an illuminating blush can be code for "disappears quickly." And boooooo that. Anything that sinks into your skin too quickly and disappears fast is no friend of mine. But NYX found a way to bridge the gap.

The stats/claims: Baked to sheer perfection this luxurious formula is packed full of pigments to provide a natural glow and highlight to the face. Uniquely designed to be used wet or dry depending upon the makeup statement you want to make. When used dry with a brush the look is light and fresh. Want more color? No Problem! Apply wet with a makeup sponge for more intensity.

The verdict: Love it. Like I said, my apprehension about this product was obvious. I want a bush that STAYS. And unlike most Baked blushes....this NYX one does. I love that it looks like a mixture of Blush AND highlight but without losing pigment! It definitely favors a subtle highlight over color, but it makes your cheeks look fresh, dewy and subtle while still looking highlighted and bright. I think this may be one of the most surprising products that I've used all month. I would not have been quick to buy this on my own accord unless it was for something like Drugstore month but now that I've used it, I'm a super fan. LOVE. Retails for $7.

Hope this BLUSH guide helped you identify what you NEED and what you DON'T! Blush matters. If you don't want a lot, find a subtle one that works for you!!

Try it, love it, tag me and SHARE this post!

Love you long time. Xx

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