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I found Gigi's a bottle.


Errmahgerd. Gigi Hadid's face is my makeup obsession these days. I love that her skin looks luminous, soft and glowy from the inside, ALLLL the time. Who doesn't want all of those things?? Welp, I basically found Gigi's a bottle.

Honestly, I've never been a massive Primer fan. I've said it for years. If a product adds time to a routine and isn't a hundred percent necessary, I don't want it!!

But now...... I WANT IT.

I tried out a few primers, ALL specializing in different things, and I shockingly LOVED all three. Seriously. I even surprised myself by how hard I fell for them all. And to reiterate...I'm paid by NO one to review any products, don't have any relationship with any specific brand and give you my most honest, open opinion always be it good, or bad. With that being we go!

1. Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Lumi Light-Infusing Primer (suggested rename: GIGI'S SKIN POTION)

I can't get enough. This primer is delish in every way. It can be used under liquid foundation with a brush or beauty-blender (which I've been doing all week,) or on TOP of foundation. The texture is super soft, very smooth and easy to manipulate if you want it applied heavy OR lightweight. And a little goes a LONG way. One small pump should be enough for one use! I have never seen a drugstore product like this that boosts skin's luminosity and brightness so quickly and with a single step. I apply it to my high cheekbones, down my nose, above the bow of my lips and on my cheeks right next to my nose. For all of my friends who are worried about aging and the effects it has on your skin, THIS IS FOR YOU. It will brighten you up, make your skin look young, AND you can share it with your teen-daughter. Win, Win, Win. Retails: $10-ish

I love it so much, that it'll be the focal point of the first YouTube video covering Drugstore month. WEEEEE!!!

2. Loreal Studeo Secrets Color Correcting Anti-Redness Primer

This primer is green. Like straight-up, WICKED green. When you first apply it on to areas of red or pink on your skin, (pimples and breakout-areas for me,) you think "WTF am I putting on my face?!?" I applied this with a foundation brush lightly to my problem areas, (which felt like it was everywhere after a week of planes and travelling,) yet it didn't change ANYthing about the texture or wear of my liquid foundation. I have worked with a ton of clients who fight redness all the time. A lot of women will say, "I know you think I should wear blush but I'm too busy ELIMINATING pink in my skin....the last thing I want to do is apply more." If that's you, say hello to your new bestie. This will neutralize any redness before you apply your foundation and it wears well ALL day. I even wore it with the Magic Lumi Primer above, (I just applied them to different places on my face) and my makeup was FLAWLESS Beyonce-style all day. I'm convinced that this will save the makeup-day for all of our nautrally pink-skinned friends, real talk.

Good for ALL skin types. Retails $10-ish

3. Garnier 5 Sec Blur Skin Renew Instant Smoother (Suggested Rename: Instagram filter for your face)

My rename is not a joke. This is a prime product for:

1. People with large Pores

2. People with fine lines

3. People with texture issues

4. People with oily skin

5. People with ANY skin.

I love this product because it'll neutralize anything happening on your face. It can be used with your fingers, under foundation, over foundation, or completely alone. Taking photos and hate your pores?? Use this to prep your whole face. It IMMEDIATELY softens the appearance of your skin and aids in anything you need a little extra help with. It is VERY similar to Benefit's POREfessional, which retails for over $30. Boooo. I picked this goodie up at Target for $5. Highly recommend it.

Hope this Primer guide helps direct you to a few products that will drastically improve your skin every day!! Can't wait to show you how I am using these Primers in my upcoming Youtube video on Monday.

Try it, love it, tag me!! (And if you REALLY love me, SHARE THIS POST!!) Xx

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