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Kim K wore WHAAAAAT on her wedding day!?!?!

Let’s be real. Few things that the Kardashians do, surprise me anymore. And I’m not mad at them for that. When a new Kardash episode starts, I tune out the world, (mostly just my husband, dog and iPhone,) and tune-in to see my celeb besties for our weekly meeting. I love ‘em. All.

Even Bruce.

And his hair.

And then...right when I thought that they couldn’t surprise me…my pop-culture and makeup worlds collided when I heard that Kim wore a drugstore lipstick when she met Yeezus at the altar. I’m not confident that Kim would spend less than $10 on a bottle of water…let alone a lipstick. FOR HER WEDDING DAY.

Mrs. West’s wedding day makeup artist spilled the beans and I’m oh-so-glad that he did. He used L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Nude Ballet”. (Pause, and think about that name for a second. Nude Ballet? Uhhh…pass. I’ll stick to the lipstick, thank you very much.)

I fell pretty hard for Nude Ballet. (Still funny.)

How is it different than other lip products? It’s a liquid lipstick. In laymen’s terms: it’s suuuuper pigmented like a lipstick, but in a soft and glossy form. Loaded with shine but no stickiness whatsoever, it’s hydrating and moisturizing without the gross gunk and strings that too many glosses have. (Its applied with a wand.) In fact, it’s loaded with tons of essential oils, making it a borderline lip-treatment. If I could describe it in one word, I’d call it JUICY. And not like the jumpsuits. And so you know where I stand: I’ve never been a super fan of a lot of lip-gloss. Like, ever. 95% of the time, I go matte. For me to fess-up to loving a glossy lipstick is like shouting cuss-words into a microphone. On repeat. Thankfully, I am not mic-ed.

HEY!! YOU!! Any women who fear wearing loud, pigmented lipstick because their lips are dry!! This is your new best friend. Loaded pigment + tons of hydration = Your perfect lip. Apply this product and watch it last for 3-4 hours easily, while enjoying my favorite smelling lipstick in a LONG time.

I’m into it, I love it, and I’ve loved it on the four people who I’ve forced to try it on since I bought it. No wonder Kimye rocked it so hard on her wedding day. I’ll stick to Nude Ballet when I want a gorgeous and hydrated nude lip with the perfect amount of shine. Sidenote: I picked up a few of the bolder shades too for good measure, and I’m equally obsessed with those too. L’Oreal makes these lipsticks in 16 shades so…you’ve got a lot of options!

Take a note from Kim K and get on the liquid-lipstick bandwagon today. Try it, love it, share it and tag me!


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