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What's changing about Drugstore Month??

Listen. Things change.

Seasons change.

Trends change.

Kanye changed.

And while I loathe change, (in most ways,) it's gotta happen to do things better than before sometimes. (Cue beautiful photo of a tree in Autumn. 🍂 🍁 🍃 )

Drugstore Month is my favorite part of my business. Its the ONE thing people want to talk to me about when I meet new faces or go new places. I mean, most of us aren't made of money to spend on Designer everything and makeup is no different!! Who can't relate to NOT wanting to spend an arm and a leg just to buy new eyeliner, blush and brow pencils? Barf. You can still look like a Hadid even if you aren't Richie Rich.

And so........let's talk about what's changing and why:

This year, I spent $600 on the loot for Drugstore Month for the first batch of products to test. SIX HUNDO. And while it pains me to type that number out, I think people don't realize HOW much it costs to put together such a thorough collection of makeup hits and misses. (And that's before the Giveaway!!) What good is reviewing ONE drugstore mascara and telling you about it?? I mean, I'm down for that. But if the whole point is to find the perfect products for yourself, one review may not do it. Last year I spent $450 on the first batch of products and at least $250 on the Giveaway!! I LOVE pairing a giveaway with all of the reviews because I 1. love giving stuff away and 2. it's fun to put the products into people's hands who participate and actually want it!

And on top of that, it's hours and hours of work. Work that I love, work that I find rewarding, and work that I think is super valuable to current and future clients in my world. However, it's actual work. The lists, the research, the selective shopping, the testing, the reviewing, the writing....(To anyone who thinks a real makeup artist working in the industry just "plays with makeup on YouTube"...that ain't me. And that's not most of the actual professional MUA's that I know.)

All that being said....Drugstore Month is now going to cost $15 a person to participate and receive every drop of content possible. I figure, you can buy one Drugstore Mascara for $7-8 at Walgreens, and spend another $8-10 on a foundation. And let's be real...that's a cheap foundation and that's still not even $20. And what if they don't work well? Or they make you break out? Or they make your lashes look like tarantulas rather than gorg lashes?? You wasted $20 on crap.

So what will you get for the $15??

1. A weekly email from me with FULL product content for the week: Instead of sifting through pages to get to my site, you will open your email and have a message waiting from me once a week. (Sunday or Monday.) In it, will be 3 or 4 categories of Drugstore Products. Ex: Mascaras, Pencil Eyeliners, Lipsticks. All product details that you used to find on my blog for Drugstore month, will be sent directly to you, once a week!! None of these things will be published on my blog anymore.

2. THREE entries in the massive customized GIVEAWAY at the end of the month. As in, three tries to win a huge, customized bag of makeup, specialized to your skin-type, needs and color preferences. Hello!!! #teamfreemakeup anyone?!?

3. A full itemized shopping list in a PDF at the end of the month when all of the content has been released. I have HATED how many complaints that I've gotten from people saying my blog can be hard to navigate while standing in the makeup aisle. Instead of trying to sift through it all, you'll receive an itemized shopping list of all of the HITS, as well as a separate one of the misses. (Not that you'll want them....but for the sake of being very comprehensive, I want to provide them for you.)

So.....below you will find the shortest form you will ever fill out electronically. (Name, email address and dollar amount.) From there, you submit the form and are routed to PayPal to pay for your $15 membership fee for the month. Again, that covers the cost for one person. Once you do those things, which takes literally 3 min max, you are good to go and will receive the first full-content email on Monday, March 6th!! (I HAVE to start Drugstore Month on a Monday. HAVE to. It's absolutely way too hard to start it on a Thursday for the sake of it being the 1st of the month. And my A.D.D. tells me that I HAVE to start on a Monday) That will leave us FOUR full weeks of content before we wrap up with a Giveaway and your shopping list.

Lastly, I so sincerely hope that you'll help me out by not sharing and circulating the information that I provide you. MUWM is my full-time job and I work really hard to make it good, make my content excellent, and get you information that you actually want. Sharing it takes away from me, my time and my I appreciate you supporting my small-business. Truly. I only get to do what I love because people value my insight into this weird and crazy beauty industry. Thank you for that!!

Make sense?? Hope so. Please feel free to email me with questions if you have any.

So looking forward to these improvements as we save our TIME, MONEY and ENERGY to buy alllllll the good stuff, and none of the bad.

You can start the process here and will immediately be routed to PayPal to complete your membership!!

Here's the link!!

Love you major, for real.



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