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The blush that EVERY girl needs!

Did you know that the second you put your blush on, it starts to disappear? You know what I'm talking about. You apply your full-face at 7am, head to work and check a mirror around 1pm only to think, "Where the blank did my face go?!" Phantom blush is normal for most of us. Regardless of your dry or oily skin, our faces starts to absorb the product almost immediately upon application. Especially when you get into using shimmery shades.

(Cough cough....matte > shimmer forever. Cough cough)

On top of our skin being blush-hungry...most products aren't made to be long-lasting formulas anyway. We have to work overtime to even get a powder blush onto our brushes sometimes! If this is you....throw your blush out and LISTEN UP. I'm a self-proclaimed blush addict. No doubt about it: I always love it, I always want it, and I always (think) I need more. I can confidently say that there's no blush that I have EVER loved like NARS. Ranging from super high-intensity shades down to soft and subtle ones...they give you EXACTLY what you want whether its extreme drama or girly glam.

What I love about ANY NARS blush:

It is finely milled and super soft which makes it so easy to use. Ever have one of those blushes that you have to dig and dig at, just to get any color out?? These are NOT those blushes. A little goes a VERY long way when using any blush brush. And...the softness of the powder formula makes these bad boys incredibly blendable. Put too much on?? (I doubt it buttttt.......) Flip your brush over and use a different side to blend out any area wher eyou may have gotten heavy handed. And if that's not enough...the MATTE shades stay put ALL DAY! No more looking in the mirror hours after applying your makeup to see that you have no color left on your face. Applying a little more up front will not only keep you looking alive all day, but will give you that long-wear look without looking like a train-wreck. These babies are so easy to manipulate and that's a GOOD thing because it keeps you in the driver's seat. Of your face.

What? Idk.

Anywho: all that being said...I am adamently convinced that every female on earth needs NARS blush in Exhibit A. (Pictured above.) Did you just gasp? Roll your eyes? Write me off?? Stay with me here. I used to have people walk up to my NARS counter years ago (where I was employed then...not now,) and laugh at how crazy of a color Exhibit A seems to be. It wasn't abnormal to hear things like, "Lady Gaga called. She wants her blush back." I'd then promptly respond by grabbing and blush brush and sitting them down in my makeup chair for a quick touch-up. What they quickly realized was staggering. Not only did I use SO little product that our tester-unit looked untouched for a a year or two, but the shade looked good on everyone. EVERYONE! Fair, light, medium, and dark skin complexions were complimented perfectly by this off-the-wall shade of rich orange/red.

I would use SO little product, yet the color pay-off was HUGE. If it looked too heavy, we blended it down with the other side of my blush-brush. It's so soft that I swear you can blend it down to almost nothing! (Don't do's too pretty.) And if we didn't get enough on, we'd apply more...since it's matte, it never looks cakey.

I implore you: Exhibit A blush is a phenomenal shade for Spring/Summer/Fall AND Winter. It's SO easy to use, so versatile and it will last you YEARS even if you used it on a daily basis. ($30 for a blush that will last you YEARS? Yes please.) Still scared? Head to a NARS counter without blush on and have them apply it for you. Ready to take it home? Make sure you clean your blush-brush before using it for the first time to ensure you've got full control of blending the color down if you need to! :)

You won't regret adding this gorg color to your makeup bag!! Xx

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