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OBSESSED!! Foundation Nation Pt. 3: Estee Lauder Double Wear

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Estee Lauder Double Wear is easily the one foundation that I’ve had the longest love-affair with. We are talking years. It’s sheer, lightweight and fresh but still blends out imperfections like nothing else. I will always have one (or five) bottles in my bathroom, will ALWAYS use it on brides, and will use it for just about any photo-shoot that I’m ever involved in. It looks good on everybody, it looks fresh, and it stays put for 15 hours or more. So, ALL DAY. It’s literally a long-wear, lightweight foundation with a natural finish. It’s practically unheard of, making it the Unicorn of foundation on the market.


Providing sheer to medium coverage, this oil-free foundation is good for most skin-types. It’s great for oily-skinned girls thanks to its oil-controlling properties, which will keep your face from becoming a shine-fest as the day goes on. Annnnd it locks in place when you apply it with a brush. That means no smudging, moving or melting off throughout the day. The humidity in the bayous of Louisiana won’t even take this stuff off of your face. Finally, you don’t have to skip out on a long-wear option just because you want it to feel light-weight and fresh.


Extra Deets:

  • Photo-friendly: Is the Papparazzi on your case? You’ll never photograph shiny again with DWL on your skin.

  • Fragrance-free: Jackpot for allergy-sufferers. (My condolences.)

  • Dermatologist-tested: It’s non-acnegenic. I read that word and thought “WTH?” Basically, it won’t cause any more acne or breakouts on your skin and it won’t clog your pores. Hallelujah.

ADDED BONUS: There are two options! Double Wear Light is much more light-weight but with all of the same character traits, just a touch more soft.

Double Wear is a bit heavier, but perfect for those wanting a matte-finish that won't ever move, smudge or change throughout the day! I'm obsessed with BOTH.

Sounds good, yeah?? Try it. You’ll love it. Like a lot.


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