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POWDER. Need it...or skip it??

Drugstore Picks: Powder

Love it, or hate it, powder is necessary for many. Some use it for oil-blotting to make sure their face doesn't evolve into a Shine-Monster, some HAAAATE liquid foundation so they opt for a powder foundation instead and some OUGHT to use it for blending out allllll that contour. Real talk. (If I could insert the sassy girl emoji....I would.) Seriously, use powder to soften your contour homies.

These days, MANY liquid foundations really don't need a powder foundation layered over top of them. While it may feel like you're "setting" your makeup, in actuality, we don't really always need it. And as time goes on and your skin wears your makeup a little longer, the look of liquid covered with powder can look more heavy and less breathable than you actually want it!!

EXTRA TIP: First of all, I tend to be on the drier side. Powder all over my face, (for me,) can look chalky and make my skin appear flaky. Ew and Ew. I apply my longwear liquid foundation all over, apply my contour with matte powders, then use a little powder over the contoured areas to soften any build-up OR harsh lines. You don't want to apply powder to your whole face if you don't absolutely need to, as it'll keep your skin's natural or artificial highlights looking just that.....highlighted!! Applying a highlight powder and then covering it with most powders will immediately take away the glow, defeating the purpose. Stick to applying powder only where you need it, not all over your entire face. Dry?? Apply it only to contoured spots! Oily? Apply it only to the spots that get the very shiniest. Usually not every pore acts the same all over our face. Pay attention to what your skin is telling you and address those areas specifically with powder.

MATURE SKIN: Powder may not be your #1 enemy in the fight against anti-aging.....but it definitely shouldn't be your bestie either!! Powder can settle in lines and wrinkles more than most liquid foundations, making you look older and highlighting lines and crow's feet. That's the opposite of what you want. A lightweight liquid foundation with anti-aging or lifting properties in it can save you substantially by giving you the coverage that you need without the weight of a powder. Look into it and try a'll change your life!

With that, let's get to it.

1. NYX Stay Matte Not Flat Powder Foundation

Despite my insatiable love for glowy-skin that looks semi-natural, I am ALL for a matte look too. As a makeup artist, I see tons of different skin-tones, textures and preferences that my clients have!! I've gone ALL matte for years, and somedays, it's all I want even still.

The stats/claims:

Oil-free, great for all skin-types, natural yet matte finish, comes in 12 shades to match your skin color, buildable medium coverage, and finish looks soft and velvety.

The verdict: All of these things are true. I loved this foundation as a full matte powder. I didn't even know it was oil-free when I purchased it but was happily surprised when I noticed how matte it stayed ALL day and looked into the ingredients. I love how smooth it applies, (with a BRUSH...not the gross sponge it comes with...) and how smooth it made my skin look. As I stated before, I make sure to apply powder to all contoured areas and I loved how soft yet subtle it made my skin's texture look. I didn't look dry or flaky at all once it was applied. To be honest, this is legitimately a GREAT dupe for MAC's Studio Fix powder...but I like this NYX powder even more. It's less chalky than Studio Fix and seems like it warms up to your skin a lot better than the MAC competitor as well. If you're trying to freshen up your makeup game and need a matte powder, this one is a no brainer. I will likely buy all 12 shades and keep them in my kit for any on-set work in the future, on top of wearing it myself!! For real. Retails for $9-11 where NYX is sold.

2. Physician's Formula Powder Palette Pressed Powder

The stats/claims: Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, oil-free, Dermatologist approved, lightweight to medium natural coverage, blends and blurs imperfections to provide a less makeup-heavy look and more of a "barely-there" look.

The verdict: Like it. This is a far more lightweight powder than the NYX one before it. It is definitely less a foundation-powder and more of a translucent powder. Due to the variety of shades, it seems easy to color match. (I believe it comes in a light, medium, dark, etc so you would want to pick the closest color for you.)

For the minimalistic girl who wants a lightweight look without a lot of fuss, this product is awesome. It would also work well for someone who doesn't want a powdery-look but regularly needs to blot their nose and/or T-zone for oil a few times a day. The fact that it is dermatolgist approved and seems healthier than many products on the market, I'd say this is a great buy for the right person! Retails for $15.

Love it or hate it, powder has some great uses and can usually help you achieve the look you're going for!! Last year during Drugstore month, I realized how few powders that I actually liked and have since worn less and less. However each of these products are ones that I would recommend to clients and use for different looks when it comes to makeup gigs in the future!!

Hope this helped you! Try it, love it, tag me and SHARE this with your people!!

Love you long time. Xx

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