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February 26, 2017

Listen. Things change. 

Seasons change.

Trends change.

Kanye changed. 

And while I loathe change, (in most ways,) it's gotta happen to do things better than before sometimes. (Cue beautiful photo of a tree in Autumn. 🍂 🍁 🍃 )

Drugstore Month is my favorite part of my busi...

February 1, 2017

Hi hi hi!!! I have missed you, this blog, and all things MUWM for the last couple of months. The truth behind the distance is real, and it's annoying. LIIIIIFE! Being busy and having a dinosaur for a computer made things pretty hard to regularly post anything other tha...

February 26, 2016


Drugstore Picks: Foundation


"Ok ladies now let's get in foundation...." I've never been prouder of these words that just came out of my husband's mouth. A Beyonce-lyric-pun about my favorite makeup product ever created?!? My heart could burst.


We have taken a long ro...

February 26, 2016

Drugstore Picks: Lips


 I picked up SO many lip options for Drugstore Month this year because there are SO. MANY. OPTIONS. Seriously even if I wanted to pick ONE brand, I could likely buy 20 different options and there would STILL be some that we missed! 



February 23, 2016



If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about contouring..........


I would be rich.


Not like Oprah-rich.....more like, Oprah's-best-friend's-personal-assistant-rich.


The reality is, without contouring, my face would look like a t...

February 22, 2016



We're intoxicated by 'em, we love 'em and we buy hundreds of 'em. Eyeshadow is the easiest way to dramatize your every-day makeup. A pop of color or a blast of dark shadow work as total game-changing ways to change up your look. Wanna be subtle...

February 22, 2016

Drugstore Pick: BLUSHES


It makes you look alive....makes you look less tired....makes you look younger....and makes you look....BETTER. I'll never understand how some women can so casually skip blush. I get the "no-makeup look" is in, but a little bit of subtle blush w...

February 18, 2016

Drugstore Picks: Powder


Love it, or hate it, powder is necessary for many. Some use it for oil-blotting to make sure their face doesn't evolve into a Shine-Monster, some HAAAATE liquid foundation so they opt for a powder foundation instead  and some OUGHT to use it for...

February 15, 2016



While we still have a few SERIOUS heavy-hitters left of Drugstore-month...(foundation, contour kits and lips anyone?!) the in-between products are important too! The following categories are all products that I didn't buy a TON of options for th...

February 11, 2016

DRUGSTORE PICKS: Sponges/Blenders


 If you haven't heard of the beauty blender....or seen these freaky little sponge-creatures in Department stores OR Drugstores in a makeup aisle for the last few years....say hello. Blending sponges are all the rage these days. They're...

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February 4, 2016

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