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Drugstore Pick #10: Bronze-fest, USA

Bronzer applied the wrong way = Jersey Shore

Bronzer applied the right way = Thinner cheeks, skinnier nose, lots of dimension.

Bronzer is one of those funny products that is USUALLY used the wrong way right out of the gate. The misconception is that it's sole purpose is to make us look darker/tanner/ and anti-pale.

No no no. If you hear nothing else I say, hear this: DON'T APPLY BRONZER ALL OVER YOUR FACE TO LOOK TANNER. Please.

When used the right way in a soft line under your cheekbones, the sides of your nose, and above the tail of each eyebrow, it SLIMS your face, thins out your cheeks and makes people see your face as much more "Up and down" and less "Side to side." You can't look at a single celebrity on a magazine cover without seeing the use of bronzer or a darker powder used to countor their cheekbones and make their nose look thinner. It's photoshoot magic. Sure, they spend a lot of time on a fancy and dressed up contour, but it's pretty simple to use a powder bronzer to achieve a similar look every day adding only 45 seconds to your makeup routine.

I can't WAIT to make a Youtube video about the RIGHT uses for Bronzer. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, know this: Glittery, shimmery or sparkly bronzers are really not your friend. The matter, the better. One of my only makeup rules is always: When in doubt, Matte > Shimmer. I'll prove this to you regularly with the next 100 tips, tricks, and products that I post about. Promise.

For years, I've used MAC's Refined Golden bronzer. To the naked eye, it looks a tiny bit shimmery but it's actually just got a little bit of gold in it and doesn't go on sparkly whatsoever. I have no complaints about it, other than the price of $25. When hunting down a drugstore version, I was skeptical that I would find a comparable product and surprise, surprise....I did.

Rimmel's Natural Bronzer has woo-ed me. First with price, and then with finish. Right when I bought it, I used it on one side of my face, and MAC's on the other side. Absolutely no difference at all. This is definitely a new staple to my makeup bag forev. I like that it doesn't get overly powdery and make a mess with product everywhere when I dip into it. And the fact that it's made up of Natural Minerals makes it super soft and super easy to use. You don't have to dig and dig to get product on your brush, and that's not always the case when it comes to drugstore stuff. If I love it and I'm picky, you'll love it too!

Try it, love it, tag me!! Xx

Product Deets:

Rimmel Natural Bronzer

Shade: 021 Sun Light

Cost: $4-7 depending on where you pick it up! Mine was only $4!

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