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Drugstore Pick: Liquid Liner

Some will read the title "Liquid Liner" and immediately hit the back button. Liquids can be a little intimidating, a little messy and a little hard to conquer without a little trial and error. That was me FOR YEARS. But once you master it, you can say goodbye to that shaky, inconsistent line that pencils usually leave behind and HELLO to that solid and sleek eyeliner that you see all over the beauty blogs. (Doesn't it feel like you're the ONLY one who can't get it just-right?? Well you're not alone!!) Stick with it...the more you experiment with liquids, the easier it gets. What to watch for: liquids are just that...liquids. Make sure to move quickly and not to overapply the liner on top of itself or you may start to see build-up that you don't want. Too many coats (one on top of the other,) can also flake a little. Gross.

Liquid liners are often super similar to one another, accomplish the same thing and are usually separated from their competitors by looking at their wearability, pigment and texture. I poked around with two new ones and liked them both!! In no particular order...

nyx liquid liner.jpg

2. NYX Studio Liquid Liner: Retails for $4.50. More than anything else, I LOVE the shades that this liner comes in. I picked it up in the shade Extreme Blue and am confident that I've never seen a bold-pigmented liquid liner that I've loved more! The color options are SO good, so bold and so fun for when you want to do a pop of color without packing two tons of makeup on. They last all day, give you a clean line, and remove easily with a good makeup remover or cleanser. Verdict: Good to have one or these in your makeup bag!! FUNNEST colors.

revlon colorstay liquid.jpg

1. Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner: Retails for $6-8. I DIG this one a lot. It's called Skinny because of the teeeeeny, tiny brush tip on it, which makes getting your feet wet with liquid liner MUCH easier. This is an awesome starting point for someone who wants to perfect their liquid wing on the regular. It's a long-wear, won't smudge, won't fade and won't clump as long as you don't apply it layer upon layer. I selected the blackest black and I LOVE it. It really lasts until I wash my face at night. Verdict: Ultimately, I think this one is a little more user-friendly with the tiny brush at the end and the longevity it offers is awesome.

Hope that helps diagnose your liquid-liner woes. Once you master it, you'll never look back!

Try it, love it, tag me!


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