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LAST Drugstore Pick!! MASCARA

Mascara, mascara, mascara. We all love it, we all need it, and we all want the best one.

It can be tough to recommend mascara to others. Like our skin, our lashes are all so different. Some grow-in straight, some grow-in curled. Some are super thin, and some are very thick.

You tracking with me??

What mascara works best for me, my lashes and what I want out of them, are NOT always best for you!! Lashes can vary SO much from person to person....trying out a few different types that are aimed at different goals, (fullness, separation, curling, etc,) will usually pay-off AND expose you to a good variety of products so you can figure out what you actually want out of your mascara!

Ps. ALWAYS BUY BLACK. Brown is unecessary and isn't worth using!

Pss. Mascaras MUST be changed out every 3-4 months. Especially if you have sensitive eyes. Anything after that 4 month mark, is begging for tons of bacteria to keep multiplying in your tiny mascara tube. Gross-fest.

I lovvvvve thickening/curling mascaras. I don't even mind some clumps. My lashes grow in so thin, that without a little thickness, I look bald. Those that are aimed at separation of each lash make me look like I almost have none whatosever. No thank you. Volume = my BFF. So it should be no surprise to you that both of my favorite Drugstore Mascaras are aimed at Volume and fullness.

Product deets:

1. Loreal Voluminous // $5 // Black

I have used this mascara for YEARS. I've never found a Drugstore mascara that I've liked even half as much, and it's never given me a reason to look for anything different. Voluminous thickens, provides tons of volume and can provide up to 5x the thickness of your normal lashes. It comes in a ton of variations: some with added fibers, some with curling components, etc. But this one is my FAVE.

2. Covergirl Lash Blast Volume // $6 // Black

Lots of volume, thickness and separation come from this neon orange tube. I like it and like how it looks/goes on across my lower lashes. It doesn't smear, smudge and is hypoallergenic. Do I like this most? Nope. But is it a good option for anyone who finds a problem with #1.

Hope you've enjoyed these Drugstore picks!!! The giveaway is a-comin'!!!

Try it, love it, tag me! XX

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