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Drugstore Pick #8: Powder Tips so you aren't a Powder fool.

I was scarred by powder when I was in High School. Back in the days of non-digital cameras... (YES, I am a dinosaur,) we could only rely on disposable cameras to capture all of our memories at dances like Prom or Homecoming. I would be SO excited to get to Target a day later and wait for my photos to print to see just HOW good I looked the night before at the dance.

Nope. Turns out NO ONE told me that I was Powder Face Mcgee that night. 99% sure I don't remember putting baking Flour on my face before the dance but from the looks of it, that's what had happened. My stark-white face on my overly tanned 17 year old body looked like a Halloween Costume more than a High School dance.


If you're super dry like me, you've got to be super careful on where you apply powder. Applying a liquid foundation all over and then packing a layer of powder all over it will often make you look chalky, turning normal parts of your face into all-of-a-sudden textured trouble areas. And if you've got breakouts? Forget it. Powder can be the jerk that only brings MORE attention to pimple-patches when applied too heavy.


On the flip-side...if you're oily, shiny or have TOO much glow going on, powder can be the calvary that rides in on a white horse and wipes out all of those overactive pores! Keyword: CAN. Too much of the wrong powder can make the oiliest of girls look TOO chalky, TOO powdery, and even create more drama on your skin's surface. Think about it like this: if your skin is producing a ton of oil, you want it gone. (Duh.) But applying more and more product to absorb it is still only adding layers to your skin's surface vs. eliminating the problem. Tip: Soak that oil up with an oil-blotting sheet OR a toilet seat cover in any public restroom before applying a new layer of powder.


Powder-face is good for no one. I'll never forget to pose for a photo WITH a flash after I've applied a brand new face powder. Powder-face can't hide from the flash. And what's with Powder-face, you ask? Say hello to TALC. It's used as a filler in a lot of powders. Excessive talc is crummy for your skin as it can clog your pores, make you breakout AND give you the dreaded Powder-face. My favorite powder is LOADED with Talc and it shows when I apply too much. If we wanted to put chalk directly on our faces, we would. Sheesh. **This Drugstore Powder has 90% less talc than others like it. HELLO.

My Tips:

Apply light powder to your T-zone, (middle of your forehead, down your nose, and chin.) using a large Powder Brush. The larger the brush, the less congested you will put it on! If you are PUMPING oil through your lower cheeks, it's ok to put some there but know that the cheeks are an easy place to notice when you've got too much powder on. I swear cheeks are a dead-giveaway for the girl wearing way too much makeup. No thanks.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder is WHIPPED...which means it settles into your skin and looks like YOU vs. looking like you put too much makeup on while still absorbing oil and setting your foundation. has 90% less Talc than others like it which means NO POWDER-FACE!! I really really really like this Powder. As I said earlier, the one I've used for years is loaded with Talc. I get away with using it because I apply so little, but who wants to worry about taking a photo with a flash and looking like the Ghost-version of yourself??

Try it, love it, tag me!! Xx

Product Deets:

Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder in the color 40-Nude

Cost: $6-9 depending on which store you purchase it from.

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