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Drugstore Pick #7: Eyeliners Pt. Two - Pencils

Part two of EYELINERS is alllll about the pencil. To reiterate my general feel of Liquids vs. Pencils, I'll debrief you on my stance that I posted yesterday:

I love a good standard eyeliner pencil, but ONLY for the lower lashline/waterline. Because of all of the little creases and lines on our eyelids, pencils are a little tough to get a really good, solid line across our lid. It's not impossible but softer pencils CAN work great for it, but I rarely like the look of it. I'll always use a gel or liquid on top and a pencil across the bottom. It's much easier to get right on top and in-between your lashes with a gel/liquid than a shard pencil anyway. But it's totally a preference thing. I prefer the cleaner and easier application of a gel/liquid line, which subsequently are also usually Water-Resistant!!! Heyo! For bottom lashes, pencils are the only way that I go. Watery-eyes, a good yawn or a crazy-sneeze can send liquid liner all over your under eye. And ain't nobody got tie for that.

To read my breakdown of great Drugstore liquids, check out yesterdays post. Today...we are talking PENCILS.

Any pencil with the word Kohl in it, will almost always be easier to apply than a standard one. It's softer, it's creamier, and it's smooth. A double-whammy (in the best way) is when you can find a Kohl pencil that's also water-resistant. Lining this guy across your bottom lashes is not only easy, but it comes with the confidence of knowing it'll stay put...for a long time. I have always had leaky eyes so eyeliner was a constant battle for me. I settled on a MAC one for when I went poking around for a good Drugstore pick, I was apprehensive. Thankfully, I found one that I liked SO fast, and for much cheaper than a lot of the other big-name brands in the Drugstore.

Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil eyeliners are PERFECT for lower-liner. They are SO soft, so creamy and glide on so stinking easy. I am OBSESSED with the nude pencil. The color neutralizes red in your eye, (early mornings anyone??) and make eyes look bigger and more open. Applying directly to your waterline is easy...then top your lower lashes off with a black mascara and voila. Bigger, brighter eyes with a $4 WATERPROOF pencil! No brainer. This look will always be in. And I'm sure the black one is no different. While every girl needs a good black liner, I try to avoid dark top and bottom in the Springtime. My tip: Shoot for fresh, light looks but with lots of black mascara! The look is high impact because of great dark lashes, but the lightness of the shadow and lower liner pencil look soft, springy and pretty. Trust.

SPRING TREND ALERT: This season, swipes of colored liner are super in. A turquoise line through your lower lashes, (OR top...not both) is a way to brighten up and freshen your look, without having to change a bunch of your products. I'll normally do a swipe of my normal black liquid liner on top, and then finish it off with a line of color on the bottom. Apply directly to your waterline, then finish with black mascara. Easy trend, easy application.

For the record, I've used this nude Scandaleyes Pencil EVERY DAY since I bought it. The closest competitor is one at Nordstrom for $28. No thanks.

Buy it, love it, tag me!! Xx

Product Deets:

Turquoise Pencil: Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in 025 Royal Blue: $4

Nude Pencil: Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Pencil in 005 Nude: $4

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