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Drugstore Pick: BB Cream

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While I LOVE my full coverage foundation 95% of the time, some days I want to give it a break. Don’t get it twisted…I’ll always love it and I’ll never forsake it. Many DON'T want the full-coverage look every day, and if that's you, listen up!!

I’ll give it to you straight: I have been super skeptical of BB Creams since day one, solely because it seemed to be a product that's been on the market for years, but with a trendy new name. <Ahem…tinted moisturizer. > Seeing every cosmetic line put out their own BB and CC Cream, I figured this was more fad-ish than anything and would soon pass. But even a few years later, these BB and CC’s are still dominating the market and getting better and better. (Serious shout-out to any readers who instantly thought of the OG BB and CC…BeBe and Cece Winans.)

<< DISCLAIMER: If you feel like you've read this might have!! I pulled a little info from a previous post to break down the deets on what a BB and CC cream is all about!! Added some new stuff to it but just in case you caught it, you aren't cray. >>

The Facts: The B’s in BB Cream stand for Beauty Balm. It’s sold and promoted as an all-in-one facial product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and SPF. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, on top of serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder depending how much, or how little, coverage that you want. What separates the B’s from the C’s? CC = Color Corrector. Ultimately, they’re almost the exact same product but C’s offer an added bonus for those needing the extra color-correction. Ex: someone with Rosacea.

Soooo…it’s basically anything you want it to be. I love it. Uhhh-lot. Talk about easy: BB Cream, a little concealer, and blush are all you need to look fresh-faced and no-makeup makeup kind of day! Apply it using the same foundation brush as normal, and for those scared of minimal coverage, set it with a powder for a little extra Oomph. Skin feels light, fresh and breathable all day without heaviness. And if that’s not enough, the color wheels are normally much smaller on these products, which means picking out the right shade is easier than ever.

My ABSOLUTE Drugstore fave:

garnier bb.jpg

Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream: Retails $10-11: Combination of intense hydration with tinted minerals and vitamin C, which boosts skin’s luminosity and radiance. This one is endorsed by the Queen of daytime. Even Oprah needs a good Drugstore-BB! I have used this baby for THREE YEARS now and have attempted to convert any and everyone to use it. My only semi-complaint, (and I mean it, it's not even a full complaint!) is that after its applied, it works best if you'll give it about five minutes to set and settle before you apply anything over top of it. Any type of powder or blush really doesn't look good if you don't give it a few minutes. It's a little transferable so don't hastily pull your shirts over it or it may move a little! One bottle lasts a LONG TIME.

The BB to pass on:

rimmel bb.jpg

Rimmel BB Cream: Retails for $6-7: It felt greasy, not as lightweight as the Garnier one, and didn't wear all day. Overal, it was NO contest next to Garnier and I immediately wasn't as impressed as I wanted to be. Skip it.

Hope that helps solve your BB Q's. Anybody....anybody? BB Q's is SLAYING me right now!!

Try it, love it, tag me!!


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