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It's baaaaaaaaaack. Drugstore Month is HERE. And it's even better than last year.

Welcome to February. the semi-end of winter, the saddest month of the year for us Seattleites, (RIP Superbowl 49)


drugstore month.jpg

THE WHY: For years, I've worked for multiple cosmetic lines which exposed me to a TON of Dept. store brands early-on. While I will always love some of those products that hooked me years ago, I've still got bills that have gotta be paid and don't always want to spend SO much on fancy cosmetics. After running into one or two drugstore goodies that I could've SWORN would sell for $30 or higher at Nordstrom, I decided: Why not take a full month and test out a TON of Drugstore makeup? I could try it, rank it amongst its' competitors, then tell you about it. And voila...we ALL save $$ and avoid the stuff that's horribly overrated.

Hence, Feb. Drugstore month began. Follow along as we embark on another fun month of figuring out what works, what doesn't, and what you HAVE to have. At the end of the month, I'll pick some of my absolute favorites and give a chunk of them away, AND you'll be able to reference my new Youtube Channel to figure out how best to use some of the goodies. Deal??

Ps. I am unbiased in everything product-wise that I either love or hate. I use tons of brands, both expensive AND cheap, and find favorites on both sides of the line.

Readyyyyyyy, break!


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