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Drugstore Pick #11: Under-eye circles? Get out.

Dark under-eye circles plauge most everyone. And for those that don't....well boo-you!

A lot of people ask what the heck the darkness is all about and it's actually pretty simple. There's tons of blood around our eyes. Underneathe them, around them, above them...yada yada yada. The darkness that you see is the blood. Allergies, thinning of the skin and collagen (aka aging.) nasal congestion....all of these things can add to the natural progression and inevitability of under-eye darkness.

Sidenote: PUFFINESS/BAGS under your eyes are different than darkness. For bags and puffiness, which can differ day by day, you want to get a great caffeinated rollerball for the morning, and a GOOD eye-cream to apply at night. I swear, 16 year olds need to incorporate an eye-cream into their routine. They are good for EVERYONE and will only keep your eye area from wrinkling-less. (This goes for guys too. If you've got a man in your life, put your eyecreams on him too! Show him you love him by giving him less wrinkles for the future.)

Darkness under your eyes makes you look older AND tired. But good news. No, great news. A little bit of concealer goes a REALLY long way. Trust. It looks best when you blend it down further, almost to the sides of your nose, and looks BAD if you put it on the outer-corners of your eyes. (That's where we get fine lines and wrinkles. The less product there, the better. It's not a normally dark-area anyway!) But, if it's unavoidable...use your fingers to pat it into the skin so you don't see it too think with build-up.

I tried THREE but these were the only two I wanted to tell you about. I tried Revlon Colorstay and wasn't super impressed by it so I took it back. Nothing special about it from my POV.

#1: Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer has a sponge-tip applicator and glides on super easy. It acts almost like an eraser for dark cicles and has brighteners added to counter those dark-circles even more. I like all of these things. It's easy to apply, it's thin and blends right into the skin, and stays put pretty well. The only negative thing I noticed was that I saw one or two creases when I applied too much. I blended the excess with my finger and fixed the problem quick! I wish I had picked it up one-shade lighter. I think it's wise to get a lighter shade to help with the brightening side of things!

#2: Loreal True Match Crayon Concealer: SUPER easy application. It's like a big fat super-soft crayon. I love how easy this is to put on. The crayon makes it easy to use on pimples or trouble areas without applying too much at once. I applied it and saw it last-all day, on top of it not creasing at all. Again, I wish I had purchased a lighter shade but that's a total preference thing for me. One shade lighter always feels a little brighter for me.

Product Deets:

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer //$8 // Medium #130

Loreal True Match Crayon // $8 // Shade: Light Medium W4-5

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