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Drugstore Pick #1: Wet N Wild Mega Last Matte Lip Color

Stop what you're doing. Scrolling? Stop. Eating? Hurry it up. Driving? Pull-over. Or better to a drugstore right now. If you've got $2 and some change, you can pick up one of my favorite long wear lipsticks of all time.

Never in my WILDEST dreams would I guess that Wet N Wild would produce a lip color that I'd love SO much.


Let me give it to you straight: You apply this, you wear it, and it STAYS. All freaking day. With a matte finish, I fully expected to have it crease on me, slowly seep towards that dreaded "lipstick line" and be something I'd have to manage all day. Nope. None of that. My BFF and I put it on in two different shades, then prepped a Bridal Shower, threw a Bridal Shower, cleaned UP a Bridal shower and returned home 6 hours later with the lipstick RIGHT where we left it.

I'm still shocked. I'm still suprised.

Retailing for $1.99 locally at Bartell Drugs, I know it's also available at Walgreens, Target, etc.

I picked up these three shades: "Don't Blink Pink" "Purty Persimmon" and "Think Pink."

Can't say enough how impressed AND shocked I am.

Buy it, love it, tag me!


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