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Forget going green...I'm going Drugstore.

It should be no surprise to you that I’m alllllll about finding new products that I can yap about. I love Sephora, the MAC store, Nordstrom, etc but sometimes it’s REALLY nice to peruse the aisles of Target and pick up some goodies without spending a fortune. That being said, I’m committing to ONLY buying drugstore makeup for the month of Feb in hopes of finding some solid substitutes and new products to save us all a little moolah. Cha-ching.

Here’s the good part: I’m going to give away a huge loot of my favorite drugstore makeup in a few weeks, but I want to know what YOUR 2 favorite drugstore products are!! Based on your faves, I’ll pick some up, give them a try and review, and add them to the loot if they make the cut!! (Brand new…not used of course.) This will be the best #MUWM GIVEAWAY yet!! Tell me what your 2 fave drugstore products below and why.

Stay tuned....Cheers to saving $$ AND new products! Xx

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