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Drugstore Pick: Lips

There seems to be every possible option for lips in a drugstore. Thousands of shades, tons and tons of different brands and formulas…Matte, sheer, gloss, stains, HOW DO WE CHOSE?!

I poked around, used 5 or 6 and wanted to highlight a few. Ultimately, I think we could probably pick 20 different options and review them front to back but we’ll focus on a small handful today! To clarify, I LOVE long-wears, I love matte lipsticks and I generally don't settle on a lipgloss alone. Like most cosmetic products, I don't want to have to watch it and babysit my face throughout the day. I love knowing that what I apply, is going to stay put for while. At least until I drink my diet coke and eat my coffee mid-day. Anywho...let's look over these lip products!

nyx butter.jpg

4. NYX Butter Lipstick: Retails for $5. Super smooth, super soft, (hence the name butter, I’m assuming.) While it’s not a crazy long-wear, it lasts for hours and it feels GREAT on your lips. My lips felt totally hydrated and soft, never dry. I picked up the darkest plum shade and the lightest nude pink and love both. Verdict: Great daily lipstick.

flower lip suede.jpg

3. FLOWER Lip Suede: Retails for $7. (This is Drew Barrymore’s cosmetic line!) Looks like a Chubby pencil, finishes like a satin matte lipstick. Great color pay off, love that it’s a twist-up so you never have to sharpen it and its enriched with papaya for the smoothest velvety finish. I purchased the coral shade and LOVE it. For those worried about harmful chemicals and allergy prone ingredients, there is zero parabens, talc or fragrance included. Verdict: Pretty and easy.

revlon colorstay moisture.jpg

2. Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain: Retails for $8-10. I can’t even believe how a stain and a moisturizing lip product can go hand in hand. Full of vitamin C and Aloe, it glides on smooth and easy. I’ll always prefer a long-wear product to ensure that I won’t have to reapply a hundred times in a day, so when I find a goodie, I want it in every shade. While it’s not a guaranteed 6 or 8 hour wear, it’s easy to apply once or twice after a meal, coffee etc. Verdict: Duh. Want them all.

elf matte lip.jpg

1 . ELF Matte Lip Color: Retails for $3. Super matte, super hydrating, super cheap!! Love that it’s a twist-up so you never have to sharpen it, love that it’s full of Vitamin C and Aloe so the matte doesn’t feel drying, and love the color options. I picked up the closest thing to a Kardashian nude shade that I could find and love it. Times ten. Verdict: Love it. Love the matte option, love the twist-up, LOVE the price.

Get your lips on with some cheap Drugstore options that’ll look great but won’t break the bank.

Try it, love it, tag me @makeupwithme_!!


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