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Drugstore Pick: Eye Shadow Primer

What better way to start off MUWM Drugstore month than with the FIRST item that I use everyday when I start my own makeup?? Eye shadow/eye shadow primer!

If you just read that and thought, “Wait what…eye shadow first??” then this extra is for you:

DID YOU KNOW….Starting with your eye-makeup FIRST (before your face,) will keep your under-eye looking SO much clearer, brighter and fresher throughout the day?? Imagine it: you blend all of your eye shadows to completion, finish your liner and mascara, THEN clean up your under-eye with a makeup wipe or warm cloth. The result? Instead of those little shadow particles settling into your under-eye concealer (…that we use to brighten, HELLO!) your concealer stays clear of fall-out all day! Try it, you’ll see a major difference the FIRST time.

WHY YOU NEED THIS: Packing powder eye shadows into a primer will not only make the color look better, but it’ll keep shadow from creasing and falling to your under-eye as you go about your day. Ever applied shadow only to check it later and have it look like a big creasy mess? Our eyelids are saturated with oil. If we don’t apply something to neutralize all of that before we apply our shadows, we are basically creasing it up ourselves! No bueno.

Enter, Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gel shadows. I heard about these babies long before I actually bought one and can happily say, this is almost an IDENTICAL dupe for the Department store version. Retails for $6-9 depending on where you purchase it and there are TONS of color options. They’re soft and creamy which make them suuuuuper easy to use, they apply very light (but not in a bad way,) making any powder shadows look great when layered on top of them, but they also look great on their own! Looks great when applied with a finger or brush. I prefer to use a finger because I like the way it wears and it doesn’t dirty-up another brush for later.

I chose a neutral gold-toned shade (I’ll obvs go buy the rest as soon as I run out of my others!) and I apply it from my lash-line, all the way up to my brow. Keep in mind, this will only NOT look crazy as long as you’re using a soft and neutral shade. What I LOVE is that you can literally wear it on it’s own and its GORG, or you can layer it with your normal eye shadow! I’ve done both and loved it both ways.

So to recap: If you’ve ever complained about creasing eye shadow, if you’ve ever wondered my your shadow doesn’t last, if you’ve ever fought your mascara flecks on your eyelids during the day, AND if you just plain want to figure out how to make your makeup look BETTER and cleaner…..this Drugstore Pick is a slam dunk.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gel Shadows are AMAZE. (They have three different finishes: Gel Shadows, Metals and Leathers which all come in a ton of shades.)

Try it, love it, tag me!!


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