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Taking your Makeup bag from Summer to Fall

Well…its arrived: the time to bid adieu to those corals and pinks in your makeup bag and banish them to that special bottom-drawer in your bathroom until next summer. I hate it, but it’s gotta happen. Fall has a lot to offer us this year so thankfully, we’ve got plenty to look forward to when it comes to makeup. Richer tones, lots of smoky deliciousness and bold pops of color that’ll make people ask you… “What the blank is different about you?!”

Eyes: This fall, it’s all about rich-pigmented eyeshadows. I don’t know about you, but in the summer, I avoid most shadow like the plague. Pump up your ‘Barely-there’ makeup with fun metallics, gem-tone colors and smoky anything. Once my YouTube channel is up off of the ground, expect some fall-eye tutorials and a couple of easy How-to’s that’ll help you decide how to pair colors together without looking like an amateur.

fall lipsticks.jpg

Lips: Pinks/Corals/Oranges? Out. Reds/Plums/Wines? In. I SO sincerely love that loud lipstick made such a comeback in the last few years. I mean, it really never went anywhere…but suddenly, lipstick sales surged and women keep realizing what a GREAT asset the right lipstick is to their look. Put your full-face of makeup on, do your hair, and head to a makeup counter near you to try out a few new shades for fall. (All too often, we head to a counter in Lulu with our hair piled on top of our head with zero makeup on, then wonder why we hate every shade that we try. Go in fully-ready in your everyday look and you’ll be able to sift through all of the options and settle on a goodie. And puhlease…TAKE A CHANCE. Try something you’ve never worn before and commit to wearing it once a week.

Skin: You’ve gotta try to replenish everything that the sun tried to take from you and your face this summer! Without some extra exfoliating, moisturizing and treating, your skin’s true radiance doesn’t stand a chance to shine through all of that new Fall-makeup. Find a gentle scrub to use on your face 2-3x a week max. Pair it with a solid moisturizer, (at least twice daily!) and a treatment product that best meets your needs. For some, it’s moisture. For others, it’s aging. Whatever it is, identify the need and get out to find a product to pump up your skincare now. There are serums out there that go after every type of skin-concern. Find one and commit to it! After all, your face is gonna be with you for a LONG time. Addressing skin-concerns now will keep you ahead of the aging-game down the road. Think about it: You can buy products to enhance your skin NOW, or buy face-lifts and fillers later.

Brows: Go bold. I pride myself on having a shapely-brow, but summertime isn’t always the time to flex them. Fall IS. Not nuts about the way yours look now?? Try something NEW. My fave pencils of the moment are the Dolce and Gabbana Brow liner, (it’s angled, shaped like a tear-drop which means you can use it in like, 3 different ways, water-resistant and long-wear,) and the Anastasia Brow Wiz, (pretty standard, works great!)

Mascara: Nothings gotta change mascara-wise, unless you’ve been rocking your current tube for 3 months or more. Most mascaras are good for 3-4 months before turning into a bacteria-breeding-ground. (Woof.) Don’t get pink-eye, goop-eye or anything else that’ll make people wince when they look at your peepers. Instead, toss that mascara stat and start on a new tube.

Scent: Ask yourself: when’s the last time I got a new fragrance? Most of us stick to what we know and aren’t quick to change it up. Ditch the girly, light scents of summer and venture out to find a sexier, stronger smell. I’m not talking Grandma. I’m just talking….mature. I’ve been biting HARD on some of the newest fragrances on the market. Designers must be stepping-up their game because the new ones seem better than normal. Get some samples of your top 3 favorites and try them out for a few days before buying. That way, you can apply it in the morning and pay attention to how it wears all day.

Embrace All-Fall-Everything this year and tuck those pinks away. You won’t think twice about them while you’re basking in the glow of healthier skin, rich color and bold looks. And right when you start to miss them, they’ll be back.

Try it, love it, tag me @makeupwithme_!!

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