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Makeup With Me's Spring Must-Haves 2014

My phone blows-up daily with questions from friends, family, and randos asking me which products they REALLY need, and which ones they can actually skip. I love it! But to save everyone a little time, I compiled a list of my Spring 2014 Must-Have Items!! For anyone needing to know how to update their makeup bag for Spring, Voila. Screen shot this list, save it, and take it to the Drugstore, Dept Store, your Family BBQ, etc. What?


Use this bad-boy to add any new goodies to your makeup bag. With my Youtube Studio under construction, I'm getting THUPER DUPER exthited to get going and start yapping. I guarantee that you'll be hearing about one or more of these products in the first few videos. So get a head-start, and get stocked-up today!!

Ps. For every share of this list on Facebook or Instagram, I'll enter you to win one of my absolute favorites off of this list. Make sure to TAG ME, (muy importante!!) and make your Profile Public so I can actually see your post! Hastag it #muwmspringmusthaves

No Spammies. Offer ends this Sunday, April 27th at 11:59pm.

Try them, love them, tag your friends then tag me!!

Love you forever! Xx

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