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OBSESSED: Color of the Year!

Boy-band of the Year: One Direction

Baby of the Year: North West

Celeb of the Year: J Law

2014 has been good to us and we're only a quarter of the way through it! It should be no surprise that there's a "pick" of the year in any and every category possible. The same goes for color! This year, the Pantone Color of the Year is:

Drumroll please......


I'm such a sucker. I've been digging on this color for the last few months with absolutely no knowledge of it being voted #1. I've been wearing it on my nails, my lips, my eyes and my cheeks. Then my suuuuuper fashion-forward friend clued me in about why I'm so obsessed with it lately.

Pantone is a US-based color company who is the authority in all-things color. Every year, they elect the most popular shade of the year. (Loved last year: 2013 was all about EMERALD.)

Anywho...want to be right on-trend for Spring? Yes. Summer and the rest of 2014? Yes. Pick up some Radiant Orchid cosmetics!! I'm loving the lipsticks and glosses in these amazing shades. A soft eyeshadow is an easy way to incorporate it. And even as I type this, I coincidentally have it on my nails, which is a suuuuuper easy way to add it into your 2014.

Radiant Orchid: Embrace it, try it, love it!!


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