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Drugstore Pick #13: BRUSHES > Everything else

Let me rattle off a list of things that brushes can and usually improve:

Excessively oily-skin


Foundation that looks too thin or splotchy

Foundation that looks too cakey

All of the World's problems. What?

A few good brushes will make your makeup look 100x better, cleaner, and almost always make it LAST LONGER! A constant question that I get is "How many times a day do you touch-up your makeup?" Answer: None unless I've got something fancy going at night. A few of the right products (for your skin) applied with brushes will ALWAYS look better than using your fingers.

Always. Don't get it twisted.

I know brushes from most places can be a serious investment. It's outrageous how expensive some of them are in a Dept. Store. Sheesh balls....I used to sell them and I didn't even want to buy them all! When people ask me which brushes matter most, my answer is always the same: a couple of GOOD face brushes, and one or two Eyeshadow brushes will keep you looking fresh and polished! Nobody needs 10 brushes to get ready in the morning. Annnnnd, simple care and concern for your brushes will make them last 10x longer. I instagrammed two great and easy ways to keep your brushes clean a few months back. Maybe I'll put together a new brush post in March. :) Until then, hear this: Don't NOT clean your brushes. Taking 5 minutes to clean them once every few weeks will keep them working hard for you and keep YOUR face looking it's best.

I had fun looking through brushes at Target and settled on these three;

1. Sonia Kashuk Large Duo Fibre Multipurpose brush #115 // $12 // Target

A duo fibre brush like this guy has been in my makeup bag for the last 6 years. It's AMAZING for foundation, cream blushes, illuminators and highlighers on your skin. It buffs and blends products right into the skin, creating the look of "YOU" not... "Whoa. Makeup-mask." I've bought the version of this brush for YEARS and for 3 or 4 times the price. No thanks. This one works identically and gets my highest recommendation!

2. Elf Studio Powder Brush // $3 // Target

This brush works AWESOME for dry products like powders, blushes, and bronzers. The flat-edge is super user-friendly and my absolute favorite for contouring and carving out those cheekbones. And hello! It's THREE DOLLARS. And for all of your granolas out there, it's Vegan-friendly. Ahem.

3. Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Buffing Brush #130 // $12.99 // Target

Ok. Drop everything and go buy this brush. Right now. I found a version of this guy for $45 MONTHS ago and I literally want to buy that one for everyone that I know. And now that I've found a $13 version....I just might. This brush buffs foundation into your skin in a way that looks 100% airbrushed. And I lovvvvvve that. I know I like makeup a lot, but I don't ever want it to look like I'm wearing a ton on my skin. This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite Drugstore goodies that I've discovered in the last month. GET IT.

Try them, love them, tag me!!!


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