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Drugstore Pick #9: BROWS BROWS BROWS

If you know me at all, you know that my biggest non-negotiable is BROWS. Brows frame your eyes making them look bigger, wider, and less-tired. They've made quite a comeback this year. Soft makeup with a bold brow and lipstick are super trendy and chic, but without a ton of work.

If you are new to filling-in your brows, I'd recommend heading to a Pro for one appt to get them shaped! Once you've got them in a shape you love, you can maintain a tweeze here and there. I'm totally the girl that goes in and gets them shaped once every 4-5 months and then maintains them myself.

Sidenote: If you've only got 5 minutes to get ready in the morning: Brows, under-eye concealer, blush and mascara are priority number one. Under-eye concealer hides the tired, blush makes you look alive, mascara does...well, you know and brows tie it all together.

Someone I love told me to try this Elf Eyebrow Kit and I instantly assumed that I would hate it. I know, I know...I am STILL working on myself as a drugstore makeup snob. After YEARS of working behind a cosmetic counter inside high-end Dept stores, this last month has been such an eye-opener for me. It's scary what an un-godly amount of $$ I have probably spent on Dept Store makeup in the past 10 years when I could've gone straight to a drugstore for similar products.

Lesson learned. Time to embrace the goodies that Walgreens has to offer!

Anywho, back to this brow gel/powder combo. Elf. $3. Works PERFECT. And doesn't smudge.

The darker side is a thick gel and the lighter is a powder. It comes with a microscopic angle brush to which you should throw in the trash and use ANY normal sized angle brush for better results. Last time I checked, using a Barbie-sized angle brush didn't do me or my brows any favors. Following your natural brow line, pull the gel through your entire brow in small swipes with your angle brush. Once you've got it how you like it, use the powder side to go over the whole thing and set the gel. Voila. So easy, so chic and seriously works identical to $30 brow products that I used to buy. (FYI: The lighter powder side does not affect the gel color in any way. It's just for setting purposes so don't worry about shade.) And again, no smudging whatsoever. I mean, if you took a nap on your face on a white pillow-case, you may see a little transfer, but hopefully you won't do that.

I'm obsessed with this. I want to buy this for 20 women that I know because of how happy I am that I was so wrong about it. Try it, (you'll LOVE IT) then tag me! Xx

Product Deets:

Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit

Where I got it: Target

Cost: $3

Shade: Medium

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