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Drugstore Pick #6: MOISTURE. IZE.

Part of making your makeup look the BEST that it possibly can is moisturized skin. For years, I thought that my breakout would worsen if I used any type of moisturizer because it would be "adding oil." ?!? Not sure where I got that science, but it's not true. Often times, a lack of moisture in the skin will actually cause us to breakout more because it our skin's Ph Balance. Oily girls: you need moisture too!! But the right one.

My skin is as dry as it gets. What sucks for dry-girls is that wrinkles come from dry, un-moisutized skin. If I don't pack-it-on on the regular, it's not a question: my face WILL look like a handbag when I'm older. Anyone struggling with oily-skin throughout the day....EMBRACE IT!! Dealing with it and using oil-blotting strips today, result in less wrinkles for you later. Bingo.

All that being said, Aveeno moisturizers have always been one of my favorites. I used it for years and years until NARS rocked my world with a moisturizer that's 87% water. Annnnnnd subsequently, it's 87% more than I want to spend on moisturizer. It's spendy. $$$$ Yikes.

But that's another post for another day.

The Aveeno moisturizer that I love is the Ultra-calming line. For me, discoloration, redness and blotchiness are all issues from my regular battles with breakouts. This product goes after the irritation and yuckiness...and settles it. Allegedly, it'll reduce the overall appearance of irritation after one week of use. Not only does it have an SPF 15, (thumbs up,) it's oil-free, hypoallergenic AND safe for daily use on sensitive skin. (I don't feel like I'm overly sensitive, but it doesn't hurt to use gentle products on your Money-maker.)

Anywho...I picked this goodie up last week and have used it every day since and have fallen in LOVE all over again. Try it, love it, tag me!! Xx


Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer

Cost: $12-17ish depending on where you're shopping.

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