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Drugstore Pick: High Definition Powder

High-def powders have a bad reputation these days. We want them so our skin will look softer and photograph better. Most of us aren’t on the red-carpet all the time (although duhhhhhh, we should be,) so we don’t run into quite the problems that Miley and company have. You’ve seen the celeb powder mishaps…haven’t you?? Streaks of white blotches across their faces on the red carpet when being photographed by rows of paparazzi? Oh you haven’t? Well please see exhibit A:

miley nicole kidman.jpg

People near and far have blamed these streaks on the High-def powders that the celeb’s “makeup artists” have applied. Ahem. I’ve used powders like this from the Department store before and when used appropriately, they’re great! When used wrong…well you know. I ventured out to find a Drugstore High-def powder which wouldn’t result in those white blotches, streaks and uh-oh moments; and I found it!!


ELF High-Definition Powder: Retails for $3. (Yes…I said THREE DOLLARS.) This stuff is legitimately amazing and comes in a massive container. Why you want to use this: Apply lightly with a brush on top of your full-face (post foundation, concealer, blush, etc) for that soft-focus, flawless look. It minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles, softens mot textured areas (breakouts,) and gives the skin the softest looking finish. Basically, it’s the best Instagram filter on your face. A friend of mine told me that I looked airbrushed sitting next to her on a coffee date and THAT’S what mama likes!!

Verdict: No brainer. For $3, we all need a powder like this but again, use it with a big powder brush and LIGHTLY at that. It comes with a sponge and upon opening it; you should immediately throw it into the trash to ensure you won’t ever use it when applying this powder. Deal?

Embrace your softer skin, get this powder stat.

Try it, love it, tag me!!


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