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The liner you NEED

No really. Like, immediately.

Benefit Cosmetics, I salute you!! FINALLY, a gel-eyeliner that evvvveryone can use. I am seriously obsessed with the new “They’re Real Push-Up Liner.” I bought one for myself, loved it, then bought some for my friends. Weeeeeee.

push up liner main.jpg

Here are some of my favorite stats about this new wonder-pen that’s changing the lopsided eyeliner of many, near and far:

  • Its lash-hugging, which means it gets right up in there between lashes and right above them. This means: thinner lines, a cleaner look, and a fuller-looking lashline.

  • It’s long-wear. HELLO!! Smudge-proof and longwear?! Talk about low-maintenance. Once it’s on…it’s on.

  • It goes on matte, it dries matte and it stays matte. All too often, liner pens go on super wet/shiny looking and end up drying the same way. (Think pleather. Barf.) When in doubt, Matte > Everything else.

  • The tip of the pen is angled, making wings and cat-eyes SO easy. Seriously. After years of trying to council and encourage others on how to perfect their wing…I can fiiiiinally point to a perfect starter-tool.

  • Lastly, it’s a twist-up and won’t dry out since the bulk of the product is down inside the pen.

Can’t say enough good things about my new BFF liner pen. I like all liner, all the time. But when something comes along that makes my daily makeup routine easier and the application cleaner? I’m SOLD.

Try it, love it, and tag me @makeupwithme_!!


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