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OBSESSED: Lock-it Tattoo Foundation

Blemishes. Boo.

Discoloration. Boo.

Lady-mustaches. Boo.

Ok...lady-staches have nothing to do with foundation. But still, Boo them.

Anyone who has followed Makeup With Me for the last 6+ months has probably heard/read/noticed that I'm a super-fan of full-coverage foundations. Having fought breakout and blemishes for more than half of my adult life, I embraced the full-coverage look early on. And when I stumbled upon one that was full-coverage AND long-wear?!? Jackpot.

A couple of months back, I started getting a lot of questions about this new Kat Von D Foundation. If you're anything like me and my ADD brain, here's the basics: Kat Von D is a pretty girl who has super pale skin, a ton of tats and I thiiiiiiiink maybe a reality show or two. Right?? Idk. Anywho, I got a ton of questions about this foundation right away. Those that knew I always want a ton of coverage in a long-wear product, mentioned that I needed to give this a try. I ran on down to Sephora, (last I heard, it's exclusively sold there...) and got color-matched.


1. Always get two color matches to bring home when it comes to foundation or concealer samples. This puts YOU in the driver's seat and let's you play with a couple of different colors to make sure you feel confident about the right shade on your skin!

2. When in doubt, chose the lighter shade!! Once you get a liquid foundation on your skin, it can often warm-up and adjust up to one full shade!! Using powders, bronzers and blush CAN (not always, but CAN) change the color a little bit. Chosing the lighter shade of two options will keep you from having that dreaded-foundation line, AND from looking like an amatuer. Real talk.

What I LOVE about this foundation:

To reiterate, it's full-coverage, meaning it covers any and everything about your skin that you hate. It's long-wear, which means you won't have to touch it up later, or maintain it!! (This is probably my favorite thing!) Once it's on, it's on! In fact, the bottle says it provides 24hr. coverage. Not that you'd need it, but it's nice to know it's there for lonnnnng days or all-nighters!

It's a matte-finish, (so you can skip powder!) which means it's not greasy, not oily and won't make you look super shiny. Oily girls: this is an AWESOME product for you. Dry-girls: this is still excellent for you, as long as you moisturize regularly.

Due to it's high-pigment, you use two small pumps a day. A little goes a VERY long-way. Honestly, I'm surprised at how unused my bottle looks and I've had it for over a month!

I REALLY like the design of the bottle too. The pump actually makes the product rise from the bottom so you can actually see how much you have used slash have left. You will throw it away eventually and know you got EVERYTHING out of the bottle completely because there are NO remains. It's a nice change from feeliing like you're throwing too much product away,

Special Notes:

This foundation MUST be put on with a brush!! No fingers, no sponges. If you break this rule, you will HATE this foundation. So don't!

Paraben-free. Fragrance-free. Sephora exclusive: retails for $34.

Try it, love it, tag me!! :)


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