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Drugstore Pick #5: Let's talk PRIMER

I've gotta be honest. I've never been a huge primer fan. Since I've fought breakouts for as long as I can remember, I'm always apprehensive when it comes to adding MORE products to the mix. God knows I love makeup and products, but if it means I might breakout even more, no thanks.

Having worked at various cosmetic counters for so long, I was always on the front line of the brand new product that was supposed to make alllllll of your skin problems go away. I took home countless Primer samples from a ton of different lines but never found one that was good enough to add to my daily regime. Granted, due to my skin probs, I've been wearing long-wear foundation for years which (I feel,) doesn't always require a Primer. I mean, if it's made to last on your skin for 16-18 hours, why would I need a primer to make it last even longer? Aint nobody got time for that. Need...time for that? Idk. I'm TOTALLY the girl that finds something that works, and sticks to it. Forever. Who doesn't embrace what works for them?!

So. Now that you know where I'm coming from, I can tell you why I have semi-changed my tune.

A few months back, I started dabbling with new foundations for no reason other than to be a well-rounded artist and figure out what else is out there that might blow my socks off. And yours. Your welcome. With some of those new foundations, came the potential need for primers. I got a few samples, and gave them a go. I ended up buying a fancy drugstore one, used it (and liked it) with a new foundation, and THEN heard about this Loreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Pore Vanisher. Jigga what? Longest name ever.

I dig it. A lot. What's funny about it: the name Primer is maybe the only English word that's NOT in the title of this product. It glides onto your skin so smooth, so easy AND fills in pores and texture areas in such a way that your foundation looks better. The best part for me? No extra breakout caused from this product, AND it says it's going to start shrinking my pores the more that I use it. Smaller pores mean LESS oil production on your skin, less messing with your makeup throughout the day, and hopefully LESS breakout! If that's not enough, it's $15-25 dollars LESS than one from the Dept store and for a solid amount of product.

I REALLY like it. Like I totally won't put makeup on without it now. So on a scale of one to LOVE IT...this is a goodie. Pick it up if you want your foundation to look SMOOTHER, your breakouts to look softer, and your skin to look just plain BETTER. You'll love it too.


Cost: $20-25ish depending on where you buy

For: All skin types

Oil-free <---- YES!!!

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