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LINERS: Love one, like one, hate one.

Drugstore Picks: Eye Liners

The struggle is probably the MOST real when it comes to eyeliner. And understandably so. Perfect wings?? Cat eyes? Cut creases? Liner that DOESN'T make you look like you got punched in face?? Picking the perfect formulas and brands can literally chage the way you look in EVERY insta, every snapchat and every....eeek....tagged photo.

I picked up four drugstore eyeliners, each in different formulas and I'm excited to tell you about the good, bad, and the meh. Lets get riiiiiight to it.

1. Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Eyeliner and Serum

The stats: Felt-tip, feels like liquid-liner, water-resistant and contains lash serum which helps boost lash-growth.

What I like about it: Lash serum. Duh. Anything that will make my eyes look better WHILE growing my lashes concurrently? No brainer. It glided on easy.

What I didn't like about it: No matter how much I put on, I felt like I could NOT get it dark enough. Despite the fact that I bought the blackest black color, it looked like a subtle charcoal or grey color as opposed to a true black.

I think this is a great liner for a very minimalistic makeup wearer. Someone low-maintenance, and who doesn't want to wear a massive amount of stuff on their eyes. It's nice, its pretty and its easy...just not perfect for someone who likes high-impact! Retails: $8-10 wherever Physicians Formula is sold.

2. Loeal Infallible Smokissime Powder Eyeliner Pen

The stats: A smudgy-eyeliner that creates the illusion of a smoky eye or finish. Foam tip applicator for easy application of the gel-like powder formula. Instantly blends color with no smudging needed. Up to 14 hours of smoky perfection.

What I like about it: Most everything! I love the fact that you can apply it easily, without a psycho amount of precision needed. I've used it a variety of ways in the last week and my favorite is bar-none, using it across the bottom of my eye. It gives that sexy smoky Kim K look to your lower eye with little to no work at all. LOVE that. Simplicity will ALWAYS win in my book.

What I don't like about it: It moves a little. Despite the warnings, it doesn't lock right into place and stay put for 14 hours. Due to its' smoky nature and gel to powder formula, I felt like mine had moved a little after an hour of wear. While this totally doesn't disqualify it for me, it definitely is not for the person who never wants to have to touch-up their makeup!! If you aren't afraid of a trip to the bathroom to make sure it stays put, you'll love it!

I'm into it. Its different, easy to use and right on trend in terms of smokiness. Even if you use it a few times a month and not daily, it'll definitely sex-up your look a little and add a little extra oomph to a night-out or a special event. Retails for $9-11 wherever Loreal is sold.

3. Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Waterproof Pencil

The stas: Longwear, (HEYO!) waterproof, gel formula but in a pencil, and super smooth. I purchased it in the nude color because 1. I needed one and 2. white eyeliner is getting terribly overused these days by too many peeps and nude is a very happy medium.

What I like about it: ALL of it. Seriously, so easy to use, the smoothest consistency, love that it makes inner corners brighter, eyes a little whiter, all of it.

What I don't like about it: Nothing.

This pencil is good for everyone. Just make sure to keep the cap on anytime you aren't using it!! Because it's a gel pencil, it WILL dry out if you don't keep the cap on. It LOOKS like a normal pencil, but it behaves a bit different. Retails for $7-9 wherever Maybelline is sold.

4. Covergirl Intensify Me! by Lashblast liquid liner

Sort of confusing stats in terms of formula but try to follow:

If a pencil and a liquid liner had a baby...this is it. The texture feels VERY wet, but works as a pencil. In fact, Maybelline's tagline online says "Get the control of a pencil, with the intensity of a liquid liner." Well said guys. On top of the formula, the wand is pretty cool. It's shaped like a paddle so you can get a thick and dramatic line, OR turn it on its side and use it for a thin and precise line.

What I like about it: the concept. A 2-in-1 is always something I like if it actually works. Love that you can apply it in two different ways, and love that its like a pencil AND a liquid. Super easy to use and apply.

What I don't like: It's VERY wet and doesn't seem to dry quickly. Every single time I've applied it, I've had to do clean-up with makeup remover or dry Q-tips if I move fast enough.

If you're ok with taking your time while applying and possibly having to do a little clean-up, this is a decent liner. However, there's a lot of room for error. Not to knock ANYone!! But anyone who struggles already with eyeliner, this isn't the easiest liner to use daily. Retails for $8-10.

There you have it. Hope this liner guide helps you shop for the perfect liners for your peepers!!

Try it, love it, tag me and SHARE THIS POST!!


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