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I know I can get super long-winded. For anyone following me on know too well. Oopsie. Instead of bombarding your IG feeds with crazy amounts of info on products and tutorials, (let's be real...I still might.) I will do my BEST to channel it here first if it's much longer than a quick post.

For anyone who stumbles their way here without knowing a thing about me, let me give you a quick run-down:

I'm AriAnne. I live in Seattle. I married a guy that looks (and often acts,) like Dwight Shrute. This year we grew our tiny family by adding a French Bulldog named Escobar to the mix. I love Pop-culture. So naturally I love the Kardashians and E! News. I love makeup. I love products, and lots of them. I talk a lot. Especially about the things I'm most obsessed with. I love hanging with people. And I love seeing someone's confidence grow. Lucky for me, Makeup With Me combines all of my favorite things: People + Makeup + Products + Running my mouth.

So cheers to the road ahead...thanks for being a part of the ride!



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