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Drugstore Pick #7: Eyeliners Pt. One - Liquids!

I say EYE, you say LINER! EYE! ____________! EYE! ______________!

I should be embarrassed about that. But I'm not.

Lots of questions coming in about the best Drugstore Eyeliners on the market. I got some, I tried some, I loved some and I hated some. I'll split the eyeliner post into two different ones to cover both liquids and pencils since they're pretty different.

First: here's my stance on Pencils v. Liquids.

I love a good standard eyeliner pencil. But ONLY for the lower lashline/waterline. Because of all of the little creases and lines on our eyelids, pencils are a little tough to get a really good, solid line across our lid. It's not impossible, and softer pencils CAN work great for it, but I rarely like the look of it. I will always use a gel or liquid on top and normal pencil across the bottom. It's much easier to get right on top and in-between your lashes with a gel/liquid than it is a sharp, annoying pencil anyway. But it's totally a preference thing. I just prefer the cleaner and easier application of a gel or liquid line, which are often water-resistant!

For the bottom lashes, pencils are the only way that I go! Watery-eyes, a good yawn or a crazy-sneeze can send liquid liner all over your under-eye and turn into Smudge-City. No thank you.

All that being said...I went out and picked up a few of each, hoping to find some favorites. Here's what I found:


Per the recommendation of someone on my Instagram post, I picked-up Rimmel's Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner. It claims to last for 25 hours annnnnnnd be Smudge-proof.

Welp...hated it. Like, a lot.

The applicator is a little funny but that's easy to overlook. While I was applying the product to someone else's lashline, it started to look super shiny instantly as it started to dry. Almost plastic-y. Not my favorite finish, but again, I thought maybe it would settle a little and not look so weird. But nope. No settling, all plastic-y. Then within seconds, the liner had moved up to her brow bone, transferring a perfect line over the top of all of the eye-shadow that I had just applied. What a MESS!! I had to wipe all of the shadows off and do it over. Boo.

Since I hated it, I ventured out to try a different one or two to pass your way. They were sold out of the one that I reeeeeally wanted, (Loreal's Infallible Eyeliner,) so I picked up Maybelline's Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner and used it on myself immediately. I really liked the applicator. Super skinny and thin, which allows you to put it on thick OR thin and is super easy to use. When it dried, the finish wasn't super plastic-y, (yessss!) and the packaging implies that it lasts all day...which it did for me. When I washed it off hours later, it looked exactly the same as when I applied it. AND without making a mess and getting all over my eyeshadow.

Can't wait to try the Loreal version too, but until then, I happily embrace Maybelline's Line Stiletto!

Try it, love it, tag me and watch for tomorrow's post on my FAVE Eyeliner Pencils!


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