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Drugstore Mascara: 2 out of 3 ain't bad!


Mascara is so.......PERSONAL. Like, WHAT woman doesn't want a great mascara to lengthen and thicken their lashes every day?? We all want lush, lux lashes. That's a no-brainer. But mascara can be tough to recommend thanks to our LASHES being an outright extention of the hair on our head.

Think about it: your hair may hold curl all day where mine simply can't. You may have thick, voluminous locks where my hair is stick-straight and thin. These are prime examples of how a mascara might be AMAZING for your bestie, but do absolutely nothing for you! Their hair isn't your its important to try a few mascaras with an open mind before hitching your trailer up to one and committing!

ADDED TIP: Its like I always say...the best part about Drugstore makeup from Target, Walgreens and Rite Aid is the fact that you can return USED products EASILY with a receipt! If it doesn't work for you....TAKE IT BACK! Check return policies when you purchase products to make sure you know if you have xx amount of days to make returns of exchanges.

With allll of that info in mind, I reviewed three different mascaras this year. Really liked two, and will absolutely be returning one!

1. Rimmel London Wonderlash Mascara

I bought this Mascara with high hopes. Someone recommended it to me, singing its praises for its ability to separate lashes easily and keep lashes soft with one of the main ingredients, Argon Oil.

The Stats slash claims: Smooths and separates lashes with zero clumps, keeps lashes soft with Argon Oil, lashes feel conditioned and hydrated. Lashes are to feel separated root-to-tip, and snag every lash regardless of size, making your set look much fuller and much thicker.

The verdict: Ew. Like, Jimmy Fallon Ew. My lashes didn't look any different after using it. If anything, they might have looked THINNER because they were separated so much so that it didn't look like I was wearing mascara. I would NEVER buy this again. Granted, for someone somewhere, it might work well but I would guess that person is someone who barely wants to look like they're wearing mascara. Retails for $9.

2. Loreal Voluminous Super Star Mascara

I was PUMPED to try this 2-part mascara. For years, I've lovvvved the Christian Dior white mascara primer under any mascara I use. It adds drama, lengthens and thickens lashes with almost any mascara over top of it. For THREE years of doing Drugstore month, I have yet to be able to find a Drugstore Mascara primer that works similar to that Dior wonder-product.... until now.

Insert praying Emoj hands.

The Stats/Claims: One side white primer, one side mascara. Super Volumized. Super Extended. Primer builds dramatic volume and smooths out each individual lash, making mascara glide on easily root-to-tip.

The verdict: This mascara is a Teenage dream...for all ages. I LOVE the brush on the mascara side. It's slightly curved making it easy to "get in there" and get those hard to reach lashes. I legit feel like I've FINALLY found a lash primer that compares to the $30 Dior one!! I will aboslutely one hundred percent buy this product again. Retails for $10-12 where Loreal is sold.

3. Maybelline Lash Sensational

I was "warned" about this masacara. A trusted friend said, "I tried it and wanted to love it but it was TERRIBLE. It did nothing for me no matter how hard I tried!"

Then I tried it. And was shocked.

The Stats/Claims: A unique fanning brush to reach every lash both big and small, and a pearlized ink formula to saturate every lash with rich color and volumizing texture from root to tip.

The Verdict: Love. Like really love. I love the brush, the texture and how soft my lashes looked (and felt) after I applied a TON of mascara to them. This product goes to show you that what works for your friend, may not always work for you!! I can't believe that this wouldn't work for someone else seeing as it made my lashes delish. But I get it. I will absolutely buy this product again, AND in WATERPROOF as well for vacations! Retails for $7-9 where Maybelline is sold.

Hope this write-up gave you some tips on mascaras!! I definitely had a great experience with my two faves above. Give em a try. Try them, love them, tag me!!

And SHARE THIS POST with friends, family and chicks who need a new mascara! Xx

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