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Eyeshadow Mama Drama

Boo you, Oily Eyelids!!

Check all that apply to you:

- Your eyeshadow looks different/changes color throughout the day. Boo.

- You apply eyeshadow in the AM, only to find that it’s a creasy mess hours later. Boo.

- Smudge-city. Boo.

- You can’t get any eyeshadow to look the same on you, as is does in it’s container. Boo.

- You apply shadow and hours later….it’s gone. Completely. Boo.

Eyeshadow-Mama-Drama plagues us all. It’s probably more normal to HAVE oily lids, than not. Even the driest skinned girls come to me and ask, “How the blank can I get my eyeshadow to stop creasing?!” The practical answer would be…skip eyeshadow. But that’s just stupid. Nobody wants to live like that. Instead, I always ask some questions to diagnose the problem and point towards products that are made to keep your shadow from creasing, moving and changing throughout the day.

Easy ways to avoid the dreaded Wet-lid Look:

1. Wash your face every morning. Seems easy enough, right? With all of the eye creams, moisturizers, acne products etc. that we often use at night, it’s easy to see some build-up around our eyes. By NOT washing your face and doing a quick swipe of your lids in the morning, your eyeshadow is virtually sitting on top of all of those products, and can crease even quicker than usual.

2. Find an eyeshadow base that you love. They are made to keep everything that you apply to them, STAY PUT. The oiliest of girls have come to me with their success stories of finding a product that has changed their everyday makeup forever. Shadow primers not only make your color stay put, but the good ones will keep your eye from producing all of the oils without drying you out. Aka…pack a bright green eyeshadow onto a solid shadow primer and it’ll not only stay ALL day, but it won’t crease, won’t move and won’t change color. Cha-ching. Side note: A LOT of people assume that concealer will work the same way but it normally doesn’t! The oils in concealer are NOT found in Shadow primers, which mean that most concealers won’t help the problem even halfway.

shadow primer1.jpg

3. Avoid wet or creamy shadows. Think about it: a creamy shadow applied to an area that can get…overly creamy. That’s a lose-lose and that’s begging to make your eyeshadow disappear! Stick to powder eyeshadows and apply with brushes for best results. (They don’t have oil in them like your fingertips/sponges!) Extra tip: dust your lid lightly with a large brush and setting powder after you finish your eye makeup to give you the upper-hand against oil.

Who wants to spend cold hard cash on fun and fancy eyeshadows that won’t even stay on your eye through your lunch-hour?! Nobody. Try your hand at one of my favorite shadow primers, and remember: Not ALL oily-lids are the same and not all shadow primers are either!! Sometimes what works for you, doesn’t work for your BFF. See my favorites below then find me on Instagram (@makeupwithme_) to tell me what worked for you, and what didn’t!!

My Faves are: MAC Paint Pots, NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow.


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