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Don't leave home without brows....please.


If this Kim K photo doesn't prove my point.....idk what will. Brows matter. Kim gets it, Instragram gets it and cosmetic companies FINALLY get it.

Brow products are now better and more user-friendly than ever. Don't bypass this important step. Even the hairiest women with a BOOMING natural brow can ususaly use a little fill-in. <Cough.> Always. I mean ALWAYS use a fill-in. There is ZERO excuse for anyone to skip 10 seconds of brow fill-in every day.


Unless you are Beyonce.

Then you can skip anything.

EXTRA: Here are two EASY diagrams to help you achieve the perfect brow.

I picked up the following three brow products to review this year. Here are alllllll the deets!

1. Maybelline Eyestudio Brow Drama Pomade Crayon:

I saw a commercial for this baby on TV the week before I bought all of the drugstore month and immediately thought, "Gross...those are gonna SUCK." A pomade crayon concept sounds cool, but as a working MUA it was hard for me to image a GREAT brow product containing 1. great pigment and 2. strong pomade. I made the immediate assumption that one of these components would have to be verrrrry watered down once applied.

And nope. Weeeeee! I actually really liked it.

The stats/claims: One easy fill-in step that both sculpts AND tames as it colors. Comes in 4 shades. Retails $8-10 wherever Maybelline is sold.

The verdict: Win-win. It absolutely does what it is supposed to. I love that its simple. I also love that it is SUPER soft, which means you get a TON of product without pressing very hard. In actuallity, the fact that its super soft and highly pigmented might take some getting used to for some users!! Pressing too hard will make your brows WAY too dark, and ew. Major ew. My ONLY complaint is that I like to comb through my brows after I apply product with some type of brow brush or mascara-wand (without mascara on it..) to brush them up and make them look more natural. And that's missing here. But I still love it and dug out a random brow brush to keep close-by when I use it. I'll film a tutorial with this one....its user friendly if you use it right!

2. Loreal Paris Brow Stylist Sculptor

The stats/claims: A 3-in-1 product to draw/fill-in from one-side of the pencil, then set with a brow wax pencil from the other side AND a brush (on the cap) to brush or blend-out product to look more natural. Comes in three shades and retails for $9-10 wherever Loreal is sold.

The verdict: I dig it. It's pretty standard in terms of formula. Super easy to use and versatile as you can use it in a few ways. You can draw your brows on with the pigmented side of the pencil and be totally done. OR you can fill them in, flip the pencil around and add a little brow wax to them. OR, you can do A, B AND C by using the brow brush at the end. Lots of options, easy to use.

Annnnnnnd that about covers it!! Hope this brow guide helped you move towards better brows both shape-wise AND product-wise!!

Try it, love it, tag me and SHARE!!


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