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February 18, 2016

Drugstore Picks: Powder


Love it, or hate it, powder is necessary for many. Some use it for oil-blotting to make sure their face doesn't evolve into a Shine-Monster, some HAAAATE liquid foundation so they opt for a powder foundation instead  and some OUGHT to use it for...

February 4, 2016

Drugstore Picks: CONCEALER




Hey you!


If you look in the mirror half-way through the day and think, "Barf...why do I look so tired?!" This might just be for you.


Concealer is the dreamy, wonder-product that has the ability to brighten your eye area, (and brighten...

February 10, 2015


Concealer. We all need it. (And if you don't...I don't buy it.) Even if you aren't using it to conceal problem areas all over your face, a little concealer on your under-eye will either brighten or conceal your tired, sleepy eyes. 


My motto: Concealer hides you...

January 2, 2015

I've gotta be honest. I've never been a huge primer fan. Since I've fought skin drama for as long as I can remember, I'm always apprehensive when it comes to adding MORE products to the mix. God knows I love makeup and products, but if it means more product that could...

September 15, 2014


Well…its arrived: the time to bid adieu to those corals and pinks in your makeup bag and banish them to that special bottom-drawer in your bathroom until next summer. I hate it, but it’s gotta happen. Fall has a lot to offer us this year so thankfully, we’ve got pl...

June 19, 2014

Summer Skin 101


Want bright, fresh, summer-skin?? You might be much closer to it than you think!


My skin used to suck like, all of the time. When I wanted to achieve the glowy look, I would run straight to a new foundation that offered extra moisture, or a glow-like fi...

March 28, 2014

Blemishes. Boo.

Discoloration. Boo.

Lady-mustaches. Boo.


Ok...lady-staches have nothing to do with foundation. But still, Boo them.


Anyone who has followed Makeup With Me for the last 6+ months has probably heard/read/noticed that I'm a super-fan of full-coverage foundat...

February 27, 2014

We can talk Makeup all day long. Shoot, I normally do. But without the proper skincare, you run the risk of your makeup always looking "halfway."


Ain't nobody got time for that. Or over-used Youtube lines. Oops.


Anywho.... I posted a few weeks ago about the importance...

February 26, 2014

Let me rattle off a list of things that brushes can and usually improve: 


Excessively oily-skin


Foundation that looks too thin or splotchy

Foundation that looks too cakey

All of the World's problems. What?


A few good brushes will make your makeup look 100x better...

February 25, 2014

I lovvvve a good foundation. Like, reeeeeally love it. 


When I started getting serious about my own makeup, I was SO THANKFUL for a friend to tell me what Dept. store foundation would work best to cover up all of my discoloration and acne spots. I found a full-coverage...

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February 4, 2016

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